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Top-Down Trial: Ring Runner Demo

I wrote some impressions of Ring Runner’s early stages last year and they were positive, with the caveat that the game took a long time to open up. There’s an incredible amount of content and proceedings gracefully move from rapid-fire shooty-bang action to slow-paced scavenging and ship modification. Originally, the campaign introduced these elements piece by piece, becoming slightly bogged down in a sequence of (admittedly enjoyable) tutorial type stuff. That’s changed now and it’s far easier to reach the game’s succulent centre, which provides all the lunatic top-down space antics you could wish for. An updated demo is now available and I highly recommend it.

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All The Games Are Here: Ring Runner Trailer

I'll bet you can guess what this screenshot sounds like.
Remember when games came on tapes, and dynamic, go-getting entrepreneurs would sell ‘compilations’ in the backs of magazines? Seemingly random games sharing tape space, all bundled up side-by-side. Well Ring Runner: War Of The Sages is like one of those compilation tapes, but set in space. And it looks like a child has gotten hold of the tape, ripped all the ribbon out, and then bunched it all up. That’s the best analogy I have after watching the latest trailer, which shows space ships frantically fighting through a lovely 2D galaxy. It’s the breadth of powers available that makes it interesting: the usual drones and c-beams beams can be seen glittering, but one ship has a flail, and another’s based on Link’s skillset from the Legend of Zelda. It has a spin attack and boomerang.

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Is There Space In Space For Ring Runner Footage

Space rogues do it from space behind
Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages does not sound like a space game, but then I’m often fooled by games that sound like am awesome space zap then turn out to be point and click adventure set inside a bin. Bins are my least favourite gaming environment. Space is my favourite. Ring Runner is set in space, so I’m drawn to it like matter to a black hole. It’s a mix of influences, from DotA to MMOs, with RPG archetypes battling in space under Newtonian movement rules. Top-down as well. I am space-intrigued.
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