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League Of Legends: Unpicking World-Famous Plays

League of Legends, with its upwards-of-67-million-players-a-month, is a phenomenon. As an esport it garners hundreds of millions of hours of viewer time, packs out arenas and has made its way onto mainsteam channels like the BBC and ESPN. But to the casual viewer it’s also an incredibly difficult game to decode. 10 champions out of a possible 128 run around the map, killing minions, monsters, structures and each other, throwing out colourful abilities and colliding with each other in a flurry of swords and spells.

To a neophyte spectator it’s too much information to handle, the commentators only adding to the chaos with their indecipherable terminology. “His control of the minion wave allowed a fast rotation, using TP to tower dive bot-lane and secure control over the dragon.” they might cry as your brain hopelessly tries to make sense of their word-vomit. (The same sentence making perfect sense to anyone familiar with the game or genre.)

This primer hopes to share with you a few of LoL’s greatest eSports moments and most spectacular plays in an effort to help the casual or unfamiliar understand exactly why this cartoonish lane pusher is so popular. This is why we watch:

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League Of Legends: UK Teams And The Path To LCS

Riot is increasing support of regional amateur League of Legends [official site] teams and will be giving a UK squad a chance at joining the EU pro scene’s Challenger Series. That’s the one which carries with it a chance of promotion into the top tier of play – the LCS.

By now I suspect RPS readers are familiar with the existence of seasons of top level League of Legends play taking place around the world. I’m less sure how many of you know about how LoL works for the lower level teams so I’ll go into a bit more detail about how that works and also why this particular move is interesting, because it’s not just the UK getting a dedicated regional spot. Germany, Spain, France, Poland and the Nordic regions all have them too.

(FYI: Germany, Poland and Spain are in the mix for this spring split while the other three arrive in Summer)

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League of Legends: Meet Riot’s “Slowest Marksman Yet”

I went away on a work trip for a week. One single week. Now there is all the League of Legends [official site] news in the universe to catch up on and the EU LCS season starts again in mere minutes. I’m going to start my catchup session by chugging coffee through a Twix (instructions here in case you have never done this) AND talking to you about new champion Jhin The Virtuoso, “League’s slowest marksman yet”.

The TL;DR of Jhin is basically: Let’s hope League of Legends players are good at four-play*.

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League Of Legends: How To Fix The All-Star

I spent the best part of a week in Los Angeles at the League of Legends [official site] All-Star Event. It featured fan-selected rosters of players, each assigned to either Team Ice or Team Fire, competing in a selection of silly and serious game modes. There were plenty of fun moments and cool plays, particularly if you’re already familiar with the esports scene – you’d expect that, as after all, it’s an event intended as fan service. but overall it felt like an event struggling to find a clear identity. I have two suggestions for how to improve it but FIRST a little context.

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RiotLyte Asks: What Is League Of Legends’ End Game?

While out at Riot HQ in Los Angeles, I was able to grab a bit of time with Jeffrey Lin, Lead Game Designer of Social Systems. He’s probably most famous for his work on the player behaviour side of League of Legends [official site] but his job encompasses pretty much everything outside the core game experience – anything from the new champion select experience to helping work out what the League of Legends “end game” should be. Read on as we talk about end games, inspirations and how a non-existent nerf sent a champion’s win-rate plummeting…

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League Of Legends: The Best Of The All-Star

The League of Legends [official site] 2015 All-Star Event drew to a close last night after four days of silliness and spectacle. Some were sillier and more spectacular than others. I’ll put together something more nuanced about where the event succeeded and where it fell short BUT in the meantime I’ve made a list of the must-watch matches and giggle-worthy moments, from kaSing’s unexpected (by everyone especially kaSing) dominance in the 1v1 competition to Westdoor picking up a pentakill against the International Wild Card squad.

Here are my merriest bits of the All-Star*!

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League Of Legends All-Star Event Primer!

The League of Legends [official site] All-Star Event 2015 kicks off today in Los Angeles. Pip (me – why is this in the third person?) is on the scene already getting hype* but in case you were wondering what an All-Star is and which players are taking part, READ ON:

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League Of Legends: Illaoi, The Kraken Priestess

While searching RPS for something I found out that we never covered the addition of Illaoi, The Kraken Priestess to the League of Legends [official site] roster. I knew I shouldn’t have taken a holiday. Just think of the “sucker punch” remarks we all missed out on as a result. Disaster.

ANYWAY. I guess I COULD have left the news alone given it was weeks ago now, but it involves a beefy Kraken Priestess who goes around leaving aggressive spectral tentacles all over the place. Quite frankly it ticks all my boxes and I want to read about kraken priestesses for half an hour so let’s call this “news” and not look too hard at things like champion reveal dates.

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League Of Legends: MASSIVE Changes For 2016

On Tuesday night I fell asleep reading the 2016 pre-season League of Legends [official site] changes. It is LONG and BIG and OH GOD THEY HAVE CHANGED ALL OF THE THINGS AND ARE YOU SERIOUS IS THERE REALLY GOING TO BE A NEW CLIENT?

I took a break on Wednesday to enjoy a deep tissue massage and then gradually turned into a mess of back pain and hot water bottles after years of terrible freelance desk arrangements came back to haunt me. TODAY I finished reading the changes.

Attempting to go through them all here would be a project capable of consuming weekends so you should have a proper look at the official microsite yourself. It’s pretty comprehensive. What I’ll do is highlight the big ‘uns:

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