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Experimental fighting game Rising Thunder goes one last round

Rising Thunder

Some of you may have fond memories of Radiant Entertainment’s debut game Rising Thunder, an experimental game of accessible robotic fisticuffs designed for online play on PC. While it never drew huge crowds, it was enough to get the attention of League of Legends studio Riot Games, who bought out the company and their game. Neither have been heard from until just recently.

While Rising Thunder may not have grown any in its long absence, it will at least be getting an encore performance this January, according to this developer’s comment on the Rising Thunder Reddit. A minor Christmas miracle for fighting game fans.

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Riot Games founders return to active game development

Riot Founders

It’s hard to deny the impact of League of Legends [official site] on the modern gaming scene. Instrumental in the foundation of modern game streaming thanks to driving interest to sites such as Twitch, and partly responsible for the enormous success of the MOBA genre as a whole, League itself seems to exist within its own ecosystem, free of networks such as Steam or Riot have built themselves an empire unto themselves, and the twin emperors have grown tired of the view.

In an official announcement, the two leading founders of the company, Marc ‘Tryndamere’ Merrill and Brandon ‘Ryze’ Beck, have announced that they’re stepping away from upper-level management and returning to focus primarily on development.

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League of Legends bins level cap, bigs up blue essence

League of Legends

A major upcoming League of Legends [official site] update should provide newcomers and low-level players with more useful goodies during their first steps in the game. That’s thanks to a new reward system, which scraps one form of in-game currency and instead hopes to provide players with unlocks appropriate to their level. That means levelling is also changing so the current level cap of 30 is vanishing to make way for the new approach.

Players have been waiting for the other shoe to drop regarding various progression and reward/loot system overhauls since the dev video which announced that runes (one of the customisation systems within the game) would be going free of charge and that the player honor system was being given a spring clean. It’s nice to get a more comprehensive overview of how this is all going to work. OBSERVE: Read the rest of this entry »

Footballer Edgar Davids scores in legal battle over League of Legends skin

Dutch former footballer Edgar Davids has slammed a dunk on League of Legends developers Riot Games in the legal arena. Davids claimed that his likeness was inspiration for the footballing ‘Striker’ costume sold for gunslinging LoL character Lucian and he should be compensated for it, and a Dutch court agreed. Eurogamer report that Riot Games must now calculate how much money the skin made in the Netherlands, then the court will decide how much Riot owe Davids in damages. Read the rest of this entry »

Shop from anywhere with League of Legends’ grumpy demigod Ornn


Riot invest so much in the rollout of new and revamped champions that I’m always curious to see which stories and personalities have joined the League of Legends [official site] fray. Ornn is a grumpy, fluffy blacksmith demigod who appears to be channelling my horrible I-have-a-cold-and-don’t-you-dare-make-reasonable-demands-of-me mood. I’ll go through his kit in a moment (there’s a brand new debuff to play with and a massive elemental ram made of fire), but first let’s just watch the champ reveal video and come to terms with the fact that Riot seem to have tapped my recent chat history for his voice lines. Read the rest of this entry »

Urgot stomps back into League of Legends, brings extra legs and knee shotguns

Urgot - League of Legends

Knee-shotguns. KNEE. SHOTGUNS. That is what my exhausted brain is clinging to as I pick over the Urgot champion rework in League of Legends [official site]. It’s now live so there’s been an accompanying uptick of info and official chatter. I’ll grab a coffee and have a pick through.

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League of Legends: Brexit pushes up price of in-game currency

Megahit MOBA League of Legends [official site] will raise the price of its premium microtransaction currency, Riot Points (RP), for UK players by 20% later this month.

Seeing as the pound has tanked since the UK voted last year to leave the European Union, developers Riot Games say players elsewhere in the world have been paying more per point than Kingdomeers. Raising UK prices will “restore balance in RP pricing around the world,” Riot say. That’s bad news for us, but don’t you want RP pricing to be strong and stable? Little bit of politics there, ladies and gentlemen. Read the rest of this entry »

League of Legends overhauls Honor, rewards niceness

League of Legends honor overhaul

A new champ is possibly the more eye-catching midweek League of Legends [official site] news to catch up on but I’m far more interested in the overhaul Riot are giving to the game’s honour system. Or, because they’re a US-based company by and large, the honor system.

The overhaul is about making it easier for players to reward positive behaviour in teammates and attaching incentives to accumulating rewards for your own positive behaviour. Here’s the video which breaks down what’s happening and I’ll add my own thoughts just after! Read the rest of this entry »

League of Legends: Kayn brings sentient weaponry

Kayn - League of Legends

In the time it took for me to attend an esports meeting Kayn, The Shadow Reaper, has made his Rift debut, joining the League of Legends [official site] champion roster and dragging his sentient scythe, Rhaast, with him.

Kayn’s whole deal revolves around whether he controls the weapon or the weapon controls him so there’s a Lord of the Rings vibe to the story. In terms of how the game gets played this manifests in a unique flexibility when it comes to Kayn’s role. As the reveal post notes: “Kayn’s the only champ in League who can change his class in the middle of a game.” Read the rest of this entry »

League of Legends: Rune revamps and incentivised friendliness


Oooh! Riot are prepping for a major overhaul of League of Legends’ [official site] most clunky features: Rune and Masteries! Runes Reforged is the name they’re giving to the project and the devs are hoping it will make the whole arcane faff of that extra layer of customisation into something players won’t refer to as e.g. “an arcane faff” or “League of Legends’ most clunky feature”. Allow me to explain! Read the rest of this entry »

IEM drops League of Legends from its 2017 schedule

League of Legends

League of Legends [official site] has been dropped from Intel Extreme Masters pro-gaming events as it is no longer viable to try to work around LoL developer Riot’s own pro-gaming calendar. IEM is a professional gaming tournament season run by the ESL organisation. It features a varied lineup of games and hosts high-profile LAN competitions in various locations around the world. The huge shindig in Katowice, Poland, where the season culminates in a world championship is potentially the best-known.

Now, according ESL’s VP of pro-gaming, Michal Blicharz, who takes care of IEM, League of Legends is being benched for the 2017-18 season because it’s simply too hard to work around Riot’s own leagues, competitions and team transfer periods. Read the rest of this entry »

League of Legends: The MSI 2017 winners are…

LoL MSI 2017 crowd


The winners of the League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2017 tournament are: Read the rest of this entry »

League of Legends: How they choose champ skins


I was wondering whether to ping the League of Legends blog post about how they choose champion skins, why some champs get more skins than others and a bunch of other skin-based rigmarole over to Graham for the Sunday Papers but it was interesting enough that it stands alone. Skins are the digital cosmetic changes you can pick up to give characters in the game a different outfit or look. In MOBAs like League and Dota they’re one of the ways you monetise free to play, enticing players to drop a few dollars here and there to spice up a favourite or collect a cool-looking set. I myself have spent COUGH COUGH COUGH on skins and similar in MOBAs so I’m fascinated to know how and why they get made, which champs are favoured and – if at all possible – when I can expect Rek’Sai to get a Beyonce-tastic sparkly disco makeover. RITO PLS. Read the rest of this entry »

League of Legends adds long-awaited practice tool

Practice Tool

The promised Practice Tool for players looking to hone their League of Legends [official site] skills (and thus turn everyone into the next Faker because, really, access to a Practice Tool was the only thing standing between me and him) is now available on updated game clients and has an excellent announcement trailer. Read the rest of this entry »

The Riftwalk: A quasi-museum for League of Legends


As part of their ever-more-complex beast of a roadshow, League of Legends [official site] developer Riot have put together The Riftwalk. It’s a physical tribute to their game which converts an area into a kind of curated photo opportunity, showcase and archive which brings together fan creations and official artwork under one roof. So it’s a private museum of sorts which pays tribute to the game and rewards fans with a kind of feelgood acknowledgement of a shared enthusiasm.

When I was in LA for the League of Legends 2016 World Championship finals I had a peek at some of the fan events (there was a concert and a cosplay showcase) in addition to the Riftwalk itself situated just outside the Staples Center. My curiosity about the Riftwalk experience and whether Riot were actively archiving their game in any traditional ways were topics I discussed with Jess Frucht who works on Creator Support (the bit of the company that scouts out and builds relationships with great cosplayers, fan artists and the like) and thus has a big hand in the development of The Riftwalk. Read the rest of this entry »

League of Legends taking Worlds 2017 to China

Worlds 2017

League of Legends’ [official site] developer, Riot, has announced the 2017 season’s main event locations – the Mid-Season Invitational will be setting up shop in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro while the World Championship will be spending a month moving around China to top off the season. There are also some structural changes which are interesting if you follow the professional LoL scene like me so read on for a bit more. Everyone else can go make a cup of tea and I’ll catch up with you later. Read the rest of this entry »

League of Legends: How the snow came back to the Rift

Santa BaronThe wintry version of League of Legends’ [official site] Summoner’s Rift map was a welcome sight for fans when it returned for season 6. The snow had previously been curtailed after the map was given an overhaul because the newly hand-painted environment could no longer be reskinned with festive tiling textures. Now the devs have posted a bit more insight into the process behind the winter wonderland and, as someone interested in game artwork, it was an interesting read. Read the rest of this entry »

League of Legends: Pro draft to get 10 champ bans

Hello! So here’s a bit of League of Legends [official site] news which might not sound big at first, especially if you don’t play or don’t watch the pro scene BUT it is a big thing and I will try to explain a little about why. The news is that League of Legends is finally expanding the ban bit of the pick and ban phase you get before competitive matches. Instead of three opportunities to remove a champion from the selection process teams will now get five. Ten bans overall – three each at the start of the phase and then a further two each after some of the champions have been picked. Here’s why I’m excited: Read the rest of this entry »

League of Legends: Camille abilities and strategy tips

Camille, The Steel Shadow

League of Legends‘ [official site] latest champ, Camille, The Steel Shadow, is a highly-mobile fighter who excels at single target duels and skirmishes. Camille’s abilities allow her to swiftly shred through her opponents and effortlessly dart around the map. The Steel Shadow is an excellent addition to the roster and shares similarities to Fiora, the Grand Duelist. Despite her strengths Camille requires good mechanical awareness, positioning and target prioritisation. If you’re looking to slice and dice your way to victory, Camille might be the champion you’re looking for. Read the rest of this entry »

State of the Art: Lights, action, razzle dazzle with League of Legends’ VFX

Visual effects in League of Legends

Visual effects in games intrigue me – they contribute so much to the flavour of a character or an experience but often they’re at their best when you’re not consciously registering them – they need to complement and harmonise and blend… In a game like League of Legends [official site] they need to communicate character, telegraph attacks, fit in with the established vocabulary of more than a hundred other champions and let the designers further customise them to create themed skins. Jason Keyser, a visual effects artist at Riot who has been working on champs like newcomer Camille explained to me just a little of what his work entailed while he was over for League Fest earlier this year: Read the rest of this entry »