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League Of Legends: MASSIVE Changes For 2016

On Tuesday night I fell asleep reading the 2016 pre-season League of Legends [official site] changes. It is LONG and BIG and OH GOD THEY HAVE CHANGED ALL OF THE THINGS AND ARE YOU SERIOUS IS THERE REALLY GOING TO BE A NEW CLIENT?

I took a break on Wednesday to enjoy a deep tissue massage and then gradually turned into a mess of back pain and hot water bottles after years of terrible freelance desk arrangements came back to haunt me. TODAY I finished reading the changes.

Attempting to go through them all here would be a project capable of consuming weekends so you should have a proper look at the official microsite yourself. It’s pretty comprehensive. What I’ll do is highlight the big ‘uns:

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A Closer Look At LoL’s Summoner’s Cup

I have spent a lot of time looking at the trophy you get for winning at the League of Legends World Championships [official site]. It’s called the Summoner’s Cup (Summoners being Riot’s term for people who play League of Legends) and it’s this incredibly heavy blue, silver and gold affair. I wanted to find out a bit more about it in advance of today’s finals so I got in touch with the silversmiths at Thomas Lyte who created it as well as doing some poking about of my own. Let’s take a closer look!

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League Of Legends Worlds Final: SKT vs KOO Tigers

The League of Legends World Championship [official site finals take place later today. It’s a South Korean bust-up which will see either SK Telecom T1 or the KOO Tigers walk away with $1m, an enormous piece of silverware, and the title “Best in the world”. I’ll be popping along to the arena to watch, interview people, and explain my theories about the relevance of Were-bears to Riot’s merchandising strategy a bit later but before I do, here’s the story so far:

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LoL: How A Champion Designer Watches Worlds

What’s it like watching professional League of Legends when you’ve got the power to rework the champions? Colt ‘Ezreal’ Hallam has been at Riot Games for the best part of a decade and has worked on dozens of the game’s characters including Ahri, Blitzkrank and Kog’Maw. Colt is now Lead Roster Designer. That means he spends a lot of his time working with his team of designers to breathe new life into characters who need a bit of love. As he notes, “We’re the ones responsible for giving Mordekaiser a pet dragon!”

[Fun fact: Morde is considered rather powerful and has actually spent most of Worlds watching from the sidelines as he, along with another character, Gangplank, have been banned in nearly every game.]

Colt has been keeping an eye on Worlds so I got in touch to talk champions. Read on to find out how the reworking process, uh, works, how much you can really learn by watching an event like the World Championships, and how you respond as a designer when faced with the Morde and Gangplank situation:

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League Of Legends Update: Explaining Baron Nashor’s Pre-season Lodger

Baron Nashor might be getting a roommate, deceased wards will stick around on the map and the League of Legends marksman role will be getting an overhaul. Those are just some of the gameplay changes set to appear in LoL’s beta environment over the coming months according to the game developers at Riot.

Let’s take a look:

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LoL Worlds 2015: The Semi-Finals Roundup

Spoiler-free semi-final images!

Hello! Time for a quick League of Legends World Championships [official site] catchup after the weekend. Obviously there will be spoilers so this is your chance to stop reading if you don’t want to know who made it through the semifinals yet.

Still here? Then let’s proceed:

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League Of Legends Worlds Semi-Finals: Fnatic vs KOO Tigers

The League of Legends World Championships [official site] has its second semi-final later today to determine whether it’s European side, Fnatic, or Korea’s KOO Tigers heading to Berlin (and one step closer to the task of hoisting the super-heavy Summoner’s Cup). This stage is in Brussels so I’ll be watching from bed wearing my frog onesie and writing about the winners on Monday BUT in the meantime, here are the semi-finalists:

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League Of Legends Worlds Semi-Finals: Origen vs SKT

This afternoon marks the start of the semi-finals of this year’s League of Legends World Championships [official site]. I can’t get there what with it having decamped to Brussels BUT I can definitely give you a recap of the teams and their journeys so far along with a couple of predictions. I’ll also be back on Monday to pick through what happened in the matches.

Onward for Origen versus SKT!

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You’re Barred: Gragas Removed From League Of Legend Tournament


Drunken brawler Gragas has been removed from the League of Legends World Championships [official site] character pool along with two of his colleagues after developers, Riot, investigated a game-ruining bug. (I would have written about this sooner but I was in bed recovering from eSports on Monday.)

Here’s what happened and how I think ditching a champion partway through a tournament will change the game.

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