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This League Of Legends player’s mispress turned into a crab-powered victory

Hitting the wrong hotkey during a MOBA is usually cause for great embarrassment and disparagement. For one lucky League Of Legends team recently, a slip-up miraculously turned into swift and accidental victory. League player "MarviAkaMarv" this week shared a cracking little video of a surprising win that came about after accidentally summoning a giant monster when they meant to do something far more mundane. It…

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Valorant launches with a new map, mode and Agent this June

If you're like me, you'll have been eyeing up Valorant with some curiosity - interested, yet never quite getting around to lurking streams for beta access. It'll come as good news, then, that Riot are about to open the floodgates to their superpowered tactical shooter, resetting accounts and shutting off servers next Thursday ahead of a full release on June 2nd.

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Feature: Become a true master of the Valorant weapons arsenal

Valorant guns: all weapon stats and recoil patterns

The Valorant weapons arsenal is an intricately, painstakingly crafted repository of destructive potential. And perhaps more so than in most other FPS games, you really need to know what you're doing with them. Our Valorant weapons guide will offer up detailed stats on each of the 17 different weapons you can purchase between rounds, along with clear recoil patterns so you can start to tame…

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Watch a Runeterra concept artist draw a new character on Friday 29th

At 6pm on the 29th of May (10am Pacific), Runeterra principal concept artist Chris Campbell will draw up a new character for Riot's card 'em up. It's for an "interactive global livestream", where you'll get the first peek at the newness and get to chat to him about how art works. It sounds nice, which is good because it seems like Riot are looking to…

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League Of Legends brings back Pick URF today and starts the Pulsefire event

The wacky Pick URF mode returns to League Of Legends tonight for another few weeks, once again turbocharging wizards' abilities for intense MOBA murders. It's pretty popular. Today's also the start of Pulsefire 2020, a timecop-themed event with missions, cosmetic rewards, new paid skins, and a messy blast of other loot.

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Omen is Valorant’s best trickster

Omen lurks. He wriggles into unexpected corners, preying on those that don't pay enough attention. He's my favourite gun wizard in Valorant, Riot's new FPS. The whole point of him is to disrupt, to confuse, to unsettle. He is a patient trickster.Or at least, I thought he was. Other people have been playing him far more aggressively, and I am both jealous and concerned.

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Riot have banned nearly 9000 Valorant cheaters

How many Valorant cheaters does it take to change a light bulb? Just one Phoenix, and he'll do it in a flash. Haha. But no, let's be serious. Riot have dropped the ban hammer on 8873 cheaters in their new guns 'n' wizards FPS, and say "this banwave is still only the beginning". It seems like all that (possibly!) over-invasive anti-cheat software is paying off.

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Runeterra’s 1.1 patch blasts many more bugs

Like a baby hermit crab scuttling towards its first big new shell, Legends Of Runeterra left early access two weeks ago. At 5:30pm today (9:30am Pacific), Riot's card 'em up will climb into an even better one with patch 1.1. The new patch won't change much, apart from splatting a whole bunch of bugs still crawling over the new cards. Or around the old new…

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Feature: Beep is death

The beeping of the bomb is one of Valorant’s best tricks

Beep. I'm the only one left alive, so everything is about to be my fault. Beep. The enemy has planted the Spike, and I know I don't have long to defuse it. Beep beep. It's guarded by three enemy gun wizards, but they can only watch one angle each. Beep beep. I've got a chance. Beep. I start moving. Beep beep. I jump around a…

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Feature: Maximise your chances of victory before the match has even begun

Valorant team comps guide: how to create the best possible team

It might be a bit reductive to say that many Valorant matches are won or lost before the first round even begins, but it's a nice, pithy way of saying "pay attention to your team composition, people", so I'm gonna use it. If your thought process for picking your agent at the start of the match boils down to always picking your favourite or most…

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Feature: Learn how skill-based matchmaking works in Riot's new tactical shooter

Valorant ranked guide: all ranks and badges explained

Valorant's colourful array of ranks and badges are the game's way of rewarding you for your actions - or punishing you for being terrible. Our Valorant ranks and badges guide will walk you through each of the ranks in turn and how ranked play actually works in Valorant.

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Feature: Tasty jerky

Legends Of Runeterra review

"Games are a series of interesting decisions". That Sid Meier quote has been floating around for nearly a decade, and writing it out nowadays can seem pat. "Of course they are!", you might say, or possibly "of course they're not!". Personally, I find it a helpful way of thinking about why I enjoy most of the games I play. Generally speaking, the more interesting the…

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Feature: Become the legend

Legends of Runeterra guide: tips and tricks for beginners

Legends of Runeterra is now out of beta and there's some new stuff to entice players back. A new region by the name of Bilgewater introduces pirates and sea monsters, as well as some new keywords to the rest of the Runeterra regions. The game offers something for everyone, whether that is the competitive nature of building constructed decks or the unique drafting experience that…

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Runeterra champions: stats and abilities

Legends of Runeterra has just come out of open beta and it has heavily expanded on its roster of champions. Champions are the strongest units in every deck and the ones you'll be mostly forming your deck around. Each one of the seven different regions, or colour combinations, that you can build your deck around have four champions. We'll be listing exactly what every single…

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Feature: All the cards!

Runeterra card guide: every region’s cards explained

Legends of Runeterra is a card game and that means there's a lot of cards that are all sorted into different groups. Here they're called "regions", which are like the colours in Magic the Gathering, or similar ways to categorise decks in other collectable card games. There are a ton of cards for each region, so we've put together a full list of cards that…

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Feature: Keyword interactions explained

Runeterra keywords guide: definitions of all the abilities

Legends of Runeterra has a lot of skills and abilities hidden on each of their cards via the use of keywords. They range from being able to prevent damage to a unit, to ensuring an enemy can't block your attackers. With so many keywords though, there are some interactions that are not obvious to those who haven't played much of the game, with the consequence…

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Feature: Search and destroy

Valorant Sova guide – 25 tips and tricks, arrow lineups, and more

Sova is one of the two primary recon specialists in Valorant's roster of agents. But while his fellow scouter Cypher focuses entirely on gaining information, Sova also comes equipped with the power to eliminate those unfortunate enough to be scouted by his arrows. Our Valorant Sova guide will walk you through how to make the most of each of his abilities so you can become…

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Runeterra has fixed a bunch of broken cards

If your favourite wizard just wasn't quite zapping right in Legends Of Runeterra, that might be because they were one of four broken cards. Rejoice, for the wizards now work: Sejauani, Lee Sin, Vi and Twisted Fate have all been patched up.Riot have also taken the time to explain their approach towards bug fixing, which I find succinct and agreeable. It would have been even…

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