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Ripple Dot Zero Is Best And Worst Of Retro Platformers

those shoes are way too big for that penguin

Ripple Dot Zero is kind of astounding. I say that partially because it’s about a test-tube-birthed jetpack penguin, but mostly because it is early ’90s platforming. The amount of love that clearly went into each and every facet of its multi-year production is nearly mindblowing. I’m listening to the soundtrack as I write this post, because it’s insanely brilliant – a steaming fresh bowl of the bizarre genre soup that made game soundtracks of the day so memorable. The game’s look is spot-on, too, spanning everything from underground labs to desolate cyberscapes to cities in the clouds. Each level, meanwhile, is enormously multi-pathed and riddled with secrets. Ripple Dot Zero might just be the Retro Platformer To End All Retro Platformers (Finally) – or at least, it would be if it were more fun to actually, you know, play.

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