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Delightful Shmup Death Ray Manta SE Released, Includes Source Code So You Can Tweak Or Copy It

Indie (whatever that means, etc) stalwart Rob ‘RetroRemakes / OddBob’ Fearon, of War Twat fame (as well as an RPS comments regular), has just released his latest hallucinatory deathtrip shmup, Death Ray Manta SE. It’s a rebuilt, remixed, Steam-hosted version of his well-received 2012 title Death Ray Manta, which had the twin goals of being a sensory-overload arena shooter in the Minter tradition and trying to encourage a more open, co-operative approach to game-making by letting players fiddle with its data files. Hence the DRM jibe of the acronym, essentially. The new version goes even further: you can pick it up as part of a bundle which includes its source code and a basic edition of GameMaker. The dev is cheerfully expecting any amount of sweeping changes, a slew of clones and cheeky re-attribution as a result.
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Freeware Garden: Death Ray Manta

Death Ray Manta [official site], an outrageously glowy shmup designed to make you happy, the very same Rob Fearon game that received appropriately glowy reviews by the likes of Eurogamer and Edge, has now gone freeware. Along with all of Rob’s frantic and occasionally hilarious games.

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Freeware Garden: The Videogame 50

Rob Fearon, the wonderful person responsible for Retro Remakes and all sorts of digital death Mantas, has decided to be vengeful and remind the world of the horrors of the infamous Cassette 50. Hence, The Videogame 50 compilation of fifty, mostly dreadful yet always fun/ny games you can download for free complete with the mandatory digital watch.

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OUYA, What’s Going On Here Then?

Something strange is afoot in the land of OUYA. The Kickstarted console, running on Android, is obviously not usually in RPS’s purview. But a recently launched incentive to get developers to create OUYA games is treading on our toes, and merits a look. OUYA’s Free The Games Fund offers to match money raised by Kickstarted games, if they can reach a minimum of $50,000, in exchange for six months OUYA exclusivity. It’s hard to know where to begin pointing out what’s dumb about that. And OUYA’s failure to recognise why is causing a number of indie names to loudly complain, some to even stop developing for the console. We’ve spoken to a few of them to find out why.

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The Other Indie Philanthropy Bundle

Rob ‘Oddbob/RetroRemakes‘ Fearon’s games have been on RPS a fair few times, and he’s known for consistently spreading cheer and ingenuity amongst the UK indie community. Genuinely, he’s one of those chaps that videogames are just a little bit more delightful for.

Which is why it’s just awful to hear that he’s been hospitalised from pneumonia. The costs inherent in his family travelling back and forth to visit and care for him are apparently monstrous – so they’re super-grateful to anyone who fancies throwing a little or a lot their way for his Bundle Of Wrong collection. Which you should totally do anyway, on its own singular colour-carnage merits.
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Let Slip the Dogs of War Twat

You can't not link to a shooter called War Twat, y'know...

Simple folks us, and we don’t get any simpler than we are on Monday morning. Hence: War Twat. OddBob dropped us a line to note that my favourite retro-remake site (er) Retro Remakes has posted his Jeff-Minter-influenced shooter (i.e. English provincial surrealism involving juxtaposing swearing, fluffy ungulates and the sort of strobe effects that’ll induce an epileptic fit, even if viewed through a brick wall). Except this is a Minter shooter with the finese removed and the volume turned to Bruce Forsyth screaming with the force of a nuclear explosion. Almost literally unplayable, but don’t let that stop you. I can just about top a minute, at best, before submitting to the wall of pulsing death. Hint: If you see a cloud, shoot it, as quickly as you can.