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Black Friday 2018: Best gaming mouse and keyboard deals

October may have been all about trick or treating, but as deals aficionados know oh so well by now, November is all about the treats treats treats, specifically in discount form over the holiday to end all holidays, Black Friday. In just two and a bit weeks, there will be more deals than you know what to do with, making it the perfect time to…

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Black Friday 2018: Best gaming headset deals

November is well and truly here, so why not be like these fine Victorian gentlemen above and head on down to this month's Black Friday deals bonanza to bag yourself some excellent PC gaming headset head wear? After all, everyone likes getting something cheaper than usual, especially when so many of today's very [block id="604477" title="Best gaming headset"]s will set you back at least 100…

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Feature: A sight for sore eyes

Roccat Suora review: An excellent budget mechanical keyboard

Why are the best gaming keyboards always so expensive? If you want a decent mechanical keyboard, you're often looking at spending at least £100 / $100, if not significantly more if you want all those fancy RGB lighting effects to play with. It's with a great sigh of relief, then, that I've got Roccat's Suora on my desk today, which can be had for as…

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Feature: Live long and prosper

Roccat’s Vulcan mechanical keyboard is one to watch

One of the surprise highlights of this year’s Computex has been, of all things, a keyboard – and a Roccat one at that. It’s not that the German firm makes a load of bad kit – the Khan Pro headset and Leadr mouse are both recent successes – but they’ve also never really broken through to becoming first-rate purveyors of must-have peripherals. The Vulcan, however,…

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Roccat’s Titan switches suggest new mechanical keyboards are on the way

After years of championing the membrane keyboard, Roccat look as though they're finally preparing to jump headfirst into the world of proper, honest-to-goodness mechanical keyboards thanks to their newly-announced partnership with leading switch manufacturer TTC. Officially know as the Titan Switch (or the Titan Switch Tactile to give its full mouthful of a name), these will be the first mechanical switches Roccat have designed in-house, and we'll see…

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Feature: Khan you hear the people sing?

Roccat Khan Aimo review: Better for bass lovers

The Khan Aimo is the final piece of Roccat's smart RGB peripheral puzzle - or at least it is so far, anyway. Like their Horde Aimo keyboard and Kone Aimo mouse before it, the Khan Aimo uses Roccat's intelligent RGB system to create a synchronised light show that adapts to the way you work and play, rippling and fading with every click, tap and pause…

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Feature: Beating back the hordes

Roccat Horde Aimo review: Where membrane meets mechanical

'Membranical' is a horrible word and a crime against the English language, but those in keyboard circles will probably agree (albeit reluctantly) that it's a fitting description for Roccat's new keyboard, the Horde Aimo. If that last word sounds familiar, it's probably because you're remembering Roccat's Kone Aimo mouse, which belongs to the same family of RGB peripherals. The Horde Aimo is, thankfully, a bit…

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Feature: Wrath of Khan

Roccat Khan Pro review: A small wonder?

As gaming headsets go, the Roccat Khan Pro is delightfully diddly. Normally when I put on a headset, it feels like I'm encasing my head in something akin to a bike helmet, so large and cumbersome are their various ear cups that they'd probably provide adequate protection in the event of a roadside collision. That might be because of my apparently pea-sized head, judging by…

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Feature: The Kone of shame, this is not

Roccat Kone Aimo review: A jumbo gaming mouse with oodles of flexibility

When I started my first tech job, the mouse waiting for me on my desk was utterly enormous. Left there by its previous owner, it was the Steelseries World of Warcraft Cataclysm Gaming Mouse - an absolutely beastly bit of plastic that looked like it had just come out of a hot oven. It was wholly unsuited to general office work and made my hand…

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Turn Your Phone Into A PC Peripheral With Power-Grid

Hardware makers Roccat were so excited about this that they ran a countdown with the sarcastic slogan: "Isn't PC Gaming Dead?" Now in my view, only nuclear war or Waitrose's Butter Chicken deserve a numerically decreasing build-up. Roccat's reveal can't match the horror of an atom being split, or the happy ping of a microwave delivering mock Indian tastiness, but it is neat: Power-Grid turns…

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