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Moons of Madness is Lovecraftian horror on Mars

Moons of Madness

Moons of Madness [official site] wants to be a lot of things: a Lovecraftian horror game set on Mars, a mature exploration of mental health issues and a hard sci-fi space simulator. Gulp. Its trailer certainly looks scary to me, although I’m the kind of person that can only play horror games in 15 minute bursts (I’ve been on Alien: Isolation for the last two months and still haven’t finished).

You’re astronaut Shane Newart, who is battling hallucinations to try and solve the supernatural goings-on on research station Trailblazer Alpha. From the looks of it, the gameplay will be a mixture of environmental puzzles (some of which will be very “technical”, apparently) and exploration/spooky segments.

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Oliver And Spike Make Dimension-Flipping Interesting Again


Dimension-shifting’s one of those game mechanics that’s been around for ages in some form or another, but has really become A Thing in recent times. Quantum Conundrum‘s the biggest name, but countless indie puzzle-platformers have taken bold, rapid-fire strides into the unknown, because why not? Multiple sets of entirely different rules? Sounds like a puzzle designer’s paradise to me. So I can’t entirely blame you if you’re feeling a bit fatigued by the concept. But, if nothing else, Oliver and Spike looks quite striking when, for instance, the entire, semi-open world level goes from dizzying, arid peaks to undersea wonderland. And there’s a puppy! I hope he gets his own dimension. Switch to the after-the-break dimension to see it in action.

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