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Hot Fuss: Robokill 2

Hurrah! Robokill’s back. The original game had both Walker and I write a little around, and now there’s a sequel. In short – it’s a Smash TV/Robotron versus Diablo cross, with you upgrading your little mechanical fellow while working your way through a maze of rooms. While there levels and monsters are all new – and the monsters seem much smarter – almost everything we said in the original pieces holds true. As in, the pits are annoying (though there’s less of them) but it’s really good fun, the rumble of your multiple-guns builds up and it’s well worth playing, especially if you haven’t touched it before. Video follows.
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Robots AND Killing: Robokill

The developers of this premium flashgame – and I’ll get to that in a minute – dropped us a line about this. While Walker’s played it before, because it’s called Robokill – thus buying into RPS’ dual loves of robots AND killing – I had to play too. It’s actually an interestingly direct mix of Diablo and Smash TV/Gauntlet with a Captive-esque surface layer. It involves Robots and Killing. More beneath the cut…
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