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Posts tagged “rock solid arcade”

Hot Fuss: Robokill 2

Hurrah! Robokill's back. The original game had both Walker and I write a little around, and now there's a sequel. In short - it's a Smash TV/Robotron versus Diablo cross, with you upgrading your little mechanical fellow while working your way through a maze of rooms. While there levels and monsters are all new - and the monsters seem much smarter - almost everything we…

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Robots AND Killing: Robokill

The developers of this premium flashgame - and I'll get to that in a minute - dropped us a line about this. While Walker's played it before, because it's called Robokill - thus buying into RPS' dual loves of robots AND killing - I had to play too. It's actually an interestingly direct mix of Diablo and Smash TV/Gauntlet with a Captive-esque surface layer. It…

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