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Spaceship looter shooter Everspace 2 has launched into early access

Spaceship looter shooter Everspace 2 is taking off today for its scheduled mission through early access territory. For the sequel to their roguelike spaceflight game, Rockfish Games are cracking Everspace 2 into an open-world RPG. The full game is expected sometime in 2022, but you can hop in the cockpit right now if you're keen to see how it's coming along.

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Everspace 2 arrives in early access this month

If you fancy some new space flight shenanigans to kick off your 2021, then you might be pleased to learn Everspace 2 comes out in early access soon. Moving away from the roguelike style of the first Everspace, the sequel is a single-player looter shooter that plonks players into a big open-world campaign. It hits early access on Steam and GOG on January 18th.

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Everspace 2 blasts out of the Kickstarter nebula fully funded

I’m finally at a place in life where I can write about a space game Kickstarter without checking my savings account first. Sorry, Everspace 2. You might already be funded, but you won’t be joining Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, Infinity: Battlescape, or the sadly dead Limit Theory on my bank statement. But well done, Rockfish. You are now free to spread your wings and to…

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Everspace expands ship roster with Encounters

Exploding time. I found the controls of roguelite sci-fi dogfighter Everspace difficult to absorb but respected the combat-heavy feeling of it. Fwooping from star to star and blasting everything as my weapons overheated and hull cracked. It’s got a new expansion today, called Encounters, which adds a new ship, weapons, abilities and tools, as well as new space stations and planets to orbit, like the…

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Everspace expands in Encounters, out late October

It's only been a few months since the release of Everspace [official site], the extraordinarily pretty space dogfighting game with rogue'y bits. Resident RPS space-boffin Brendan thought it was quite nice, if a little light on juicy details to really get your teeth into. Being just a few months since it launched, it comes as a bit of a surprise that not only have they…

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Feature: Sans VR

Everspace review

Sci-fi dogfighter Everspace [official site] has been stuck in the early access nebula since September last year. But last month it turned up the warp crank and charged the star batteries to "quite full". Zoom! It’s a roguelike that our Alec took a peep at once before. But it's properly out now, so I’m going to tell you wot I think.It’s an arcadey, gun-swapping dance…

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Everspace warping out of early access in May

Roguelikelike space shooter Everspace [official site] will leave early access and properly launch on May 26th, developers Rockfish have announced. (You might now Rockfish from the Galaxy on Fire games on pocket telephones.) If you dug the sound of Everspace when Alec had a play last year and thought you might have a crack when it was done, make a note. Or if you're already…

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Feature: Canadian rock group or brand of air freshener?

Everspace: Death & Shopping Amongst The Stars

To some extent, "early access game" is increasingly a school of design as well as a state of development. Let's play bingo:Crafting Looting Permadeath Free-roaming Proc-gen "story to be added later"And there you've got yourself the recipe for a potential Steam hit, as Everspace [official site] has been.

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Action Space Shooter Everspace Still Looks Shiny

Remember when there were essentially zero space games? How times change. Everspace [official site] is attempting to carve out its space-niche in the increasingly crowded space-market by focusing on singleplayer, roguelike-style mechanics, "non-linear storytelling," and space combat that intends to be more arcade and action-focused than strictly simulating physics. There's a new trailer below showing some of the crowdfunded game's recent development progress.

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Everspace: Galaxy On Fire Creators Tackle Space Porn

Our brothers in the land of mobile gaming might recognise the name Galaxy of Fire – it’s an old dog, at least in the context of iOS: A space-em-up dogfighting series from the mid-Noughts. Now some of GoF’s original creators are now back together, this time as a new little studio called Rockfish, and are expanding on the themes of their old series in a…

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