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Feature: Opportunity knocks

Attention, Writers: RPS Is Recruiting

UPDATE: Applications are now closed. Dear grud, we've got a lot of very long emails to read.RPS is expanding! For (sort of) the first time ever, we’re looking to bring another regular writer, or perhaps even writers, into the warm, loving but formerly closed fold that is Rock, Paper, Shotgun.Trouble is… well, we’re not entirely sure what kind of recruit(s) we want. Do we want…

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Further Change / Show Us Your Games

It’s a big day for RPS – ‘big’ as in ‘we will hopefully no longer have to eat our own toes for sustenance.’ It’s a big day for me too, in exactly the same way. Today was my first day roaming the halls of as their scruffy new Deputy Editor. If you don’t know the site, you should – it offers smart and sober…

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Behold! Fresh Website Splendor

Sorry about the current lack of forum integration. But look, the site loads!Ooh, it changed. There may be bugs. Yes, we've updated the site. We're going to be doing all kinds of new stuff, including more special VIP treatment for subscribers, more events, more interviews, more reviews, more cleverthinks, and so on. All the things that make RPS fun will be staying the same, but…

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