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Attention, Writers: RPS Is Recruiting

We won't really treat you like this. You won't be allowed to wear clothes, for one thing.

UPDATE: Applications are now closed. Dear grud, we’ve got a lot of very long emails to read.

RPS is expanding! For (sort of) the first time ever, we’re looking to bring another regular writer, or perhaps even writers, into the warm, loving but formerly closed fold that is Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Trouble is… well, we’re not entirely sure what kind of recruit(s) we want. Do we want someone full-time, part-time or sporadic? Do we want an experienced magazine section editor? Do we want a crazy young buck who’s never been published outside of their own blog? Do we want a super-smart game dev who fancies a change? Do we want a fervent newshound, an indie and mods fanatic, a simulation obsessive, an essayist, a reviewer, an interviewer, a lover, a fighter?

All of the above. Some of the above. None of the above. The important thing is we want someone who’s going to make the site a better place. We’ll know what we’re looking for, and we’ll recognise it (or you) when we see it.
Read on for more details and how to apply…

Further Change / Show Us Your Games

It’s a big day for RPS – ‘big’ as in ‘we will hopefully no longer have to eat our own toes for sustenance.’ It’s a big day for me too, in exactly the same way. Today was my first day roaming the halls of as their scruffy new Deputy Editor. If you don’t know the site, you should – it offers smart and sober coverage of the games industry itself, from an objective and high-accuracy perspective. This means I will be dealing in a strange new currency, rarely to be found on RPS – ‘facts.’ I will be rounding up many of these ‘facts’ on a daily basis at, as well as nervously talking to some astonishingly important people.

This means I am handing in my RPS badge and gun effective immediately.

Nah, only kidding. I wouldn’t take any job that kept me away from this place. Could do with a hand, though. By which I mean ‘games’.
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RPS Announces Partnership With Eurogamer

Yes, we have kissed Eurogamer, all of them.
Blimey, news about us! What does it mean? Well, you might have noticed that our adverts are a bit nob. We’ve been working on fixing that so that we can both make a bit more money and look a little less like we’re run out of a shy teenager’s attic. Eurogamer have stepped in to help out, which means RPS is soon going to become bigger and maybe even a bit better. And prettier, too, probably. We’re still editorially independent – we still own the site and control all the content – and will remain a bastion of PC gaming righteousness. We’ll just be doing it from a golden helicopter-fortress over the Bahamas. Any questions? Ask ’em below. (I also put the press release down there, to show off.)

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Behold! Fresh Website Splendor

Sorry about the current lack of forum integration. But look, the site loads!

Ooh, it changed. There may be bugs. Yes, we’ve updated the site. We’re going to be doing all kinds of new stuff, including more special VIP treatment for subscribers, more events, more interviews, more reviews, more cleverthinks, and so on. All the things that make RPS fun will be staying the same, but there will be more of it, and it will be prettier. This redesign is about making things tidier, cleaner, less broken, but also about introducing some more things that we couldn’t do before, like those site skin adverts you see around the web. Yes, boo hiss adverts. Making sure we don’t go bankrupt has become an issue, so we’re concentrating on making RPS a bit more of a business and a bit less of a charity, because after two years of working pretty hard on this we can safely say we love writing about PC games, and want to do more of this sort of thing.

More about the redesign, including an important message from our designer, below.

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