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Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity, Part Seven

Time for the seventh post in our series covering the making of Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity– a game we’re putting together in two months using the now-free Unity development suite. Last week’s bug fixes seem to have been more successful than not, so this week it’s time to get back to adding content. What’s the plan for Build 04? Find out below.
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Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity, Part Six

Saturdays are for realising you turned thirty while you slept (in both senses), preparing your Biggles outfit for the flying lesson arranged by your lovely missus, and releasing Build 03 of the now legendary Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity game. (Which we’ve spent the last few weeks making using the free Unity package.)

This week I promised the baddies would get some more bite, that I’d take away your infinite ammo and that, most importantly I’d ruddy well fix some bugs. See how I got on, below
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Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity, Part Five

In this fifth part of my diary chronicling the process and progress of the RPS game I’m making – using the newly-free Unity game-construction suite – I get philosophical as I discuss some of the issues I think Unity throws up, and look at how that might influence my aims for Build 03 and beyond…
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Rock Paper Shotgunity, Part Four

It’s saturday, I’m awake, so it must be time for Build 02 of Rock, Paper, Shotgunity and the fourth post in our series about making a game from scratch. At the risk of repeating myself, I should explain: we’re making a game using the newly-free Unity game development tools. Why not catch up on the story so far and then read on? This week I said I’d be taking a look at some Unity Packages as well as continuing to refine Shotgunity in general following the release of Build 01 last saturday. So how did that go? Find out after the jump.

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Rock, Paper, Shotgunity, Part Three

The Rock, Paper, Shotgunity project rolls on down the Road of Development like a shiny hubcap liberated from the dirty Lorry Of Gaming. For those still catching up we’re making a game – yes an RPS game – using the newly-free Unity engine. Caught up? Read on.

This week I’m reaping the rewards of our cunningly nurtured community and also poking around in the innards of some of the Unity extensions. Come on kids, grab a stick!
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Rock, Paper, Shotgunity, Part Two

Oooh exciting! The first ever build of what critics are literally calling “that thing Carey’s made” is here. Rock, Paper, Shotgunity is ALIVE!

Those who don’t read RPS every day might not have noticed we’re making a game using the newly-free Unity development suite. So to explain: twice a week for the next two months I’ll be posting about my experiences with the tools. This first week my aim was simply to get to grips with the suite, create a test environment and get one of our three super-duper weapons working. How did that go? Find out below.

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RPS & Unity: Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity

Last month Jim did a pretty extensive interview with development suite Unity Technologies’ co-founder Nicholas Francis. It got me thinking dangerous thinks, bold game design thinks well above my station. Jim and I started talking about those ideas, and following the news that the indie version of Unity was to become free that final arbiter of involvement – personal cost – was swayed. We would make a game.

Yes, I’m going to try and make an RPS game, in two months, using the freely available indie version of Unity3D. You’re going to help, if you like. So begins Rock, Paper, ShotgUnity.
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