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Wire Wood Daughters treads through a faded memory

Wire Wood Daughters is an find [official site] which has a pleasing sense of place and a library of collectables which manages to be evocative in an attractive, bittersweet way- old springs, crooked nails, jade seaglass... Ultimately the different bits didn't quite come together for me but the strength of the individual elements and the interesting mix of threat and memory mean I'm still…

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Gothic Americana Adventure: Fallow

'Music I enjoy persisting on my desktop once I've alt-tabbed out' isn't at the top of my Official List Of Things I Look For In Games which guides my every professional decision, but I certainly do appreciate it. Playing Fallow's demo, I've left sonambulist Isabelline standing in front of monuments to the families who died to a mysteries ancient danger that swept the Americas, because…

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