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RPS Advent Game-o-Calendar: December 24th

But one door remains on our RPS-approved fairtrade advent calendar. Behind it lurks the truth, the wonderful, chocolately truth. Our game of the year. And, thank heavens, the end of about half a dozen increasingly laboured running gags. Oh, lawks. We’re going to have to think up new jokes next year, aren’t we? Aaargh.

It’s okay. Let’s not think about tomorrow just yet. Let’s think about right now, and the game behind this final, inviting flap of coloured tree-pulp:

Would you kindly open this calendar?

Whatever could it be? Last chance to guess. The clues are all there. It’s a door, after all. Or, to put it another way… Read the rest of this entry »

RPS Advent Game-o-Calendar: December 21st

If I could have a supernatural power – any supernatural power – it would be to turn whatever I touched into chocolate. The Chocolate Midas, they would call me. And I would be feared across the world: “Don’t mess with me, Capitalists, or I turn your economy to chocolate!”


The sad reality is that I can’t turn anything into chocolate and I have to rely on the sweet brown goodness turning up randomly as I travel this mean old world. And hey, perhaps there’s even some inside the RPS-approved Fairtrade Advent Calendar

Predator, schmedator

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RPS Advent Game-o-Calendar: December 19th

So, you collapse in, drunk. It’s Christmas. That’s how it works. It’s you and the screen, trying to make some sense of your relationship. You know you should just crawl into bed, but you know that sitting in front of that monitor just makes more sense. You sip your drink and realise – hey – you haven’t opened the RPS-approved fairtrade advent calendar so you turn to it and pull away the recycled cardboard to reveal…

DUNK? It's not big or clever

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