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Valve Democrat, Activision Republican, EA Split

Who on earth picked a fucking donkey as the Democrat's symbol. You may as well have selected a cock and be done with it. Pah!
Some of you may have been following the US presidental deathmatch – even for us Imperial Old Countryiers it’s a popular spectator sport. Consequently 1UP’s Rory Manion’s recent post makes for fascinating reading. By delving into Fundrace, they’ve worked out who’s donated what to various political candidates. The announcement in the title is because all nine donations from Activision went Republic, all three from Valve went to the Democrats, while EA were split between both, with the Republicans just ahead. Clearly, we’re joking. God knows what people who didn’t donate plan on voting. Interesting highlights include Will Wright giving $3,500 to Rudy Giuliani. Do go read.

Clearly this inspired us to have a crack, which we did for half an hour. We found quite a few people, before having second thoughts and feeling a bit creepy. Finding stuff out about relatively non-public figures in the industry, we thought it better not to post ’em. Well, except one. And it’s a fairly fun one.

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