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Deus Extra Cheap

As we inch towards ten years of Deus Ex (10! That’s almost as old as my 48th child), there’s bound to be a ton of fun’n’hyper-nerdy celebrations. The members of RPS, for instance, will each be dressing up as their favourite pair of sunglasses for the entire month of June. Here’s a little pre-birthday celebration, though – Steam’s flogging Deus Ex for a mere £1.50/$2.50 in its mid-week sale. (£1.50! That’s almost as much as I spend annually on food for my 47th child.) Alternatively, £3/$5 buys you a pack containing DX and something called ‘Invisible War.’ Huh. Wonder what that is? It’s not as though there was ever a Deus Ex sequel.

The RPS Bargain Bucket – Gooey Brothers

Sorry, we’re a bit late with this because the world ended yesterday. What, you didn’t notice? Guess the shining ghost of Elvis didn’t restore your memory when he rewound time itself to undo the apocalyptic damage caused to the Earth’s core by the invasion of the hamster-demons from Xerces XII. Tcch. Oh well. Put it out your mind and play some bargain-price videogames instead – selected as always by Savygamer‘s LewieP.
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The RPS Bargain Bucket

Spend! Spend like your very life depends on it! But no, not on heroin and oversized black t-shirts. Spend on these cut-priced videogames, thoughtfully found once again by Savygamer‘s coin-conserving champion LewieP. You’ll note a couple of long-term RPS favourites are lurking amongst this week’s splendid bargains – including the most joyous news that the excellent Defense Grid: The Awakening finally falls below $10…
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