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Now That’s What I Call A Best 2008: December. Erm.

Around 1998, the questions - confused, angry and amused - came quick and fast. What would esteemed British comicky book 2000 AD call itself come 2000 AD? Would 20th Century Fox change its near-sighted name to reflect the new millenium? And, most of all, what would Rock, Paper, Shotgun do when the time came to write a look back at December 2008 before December 2008…

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Now That’s What I Call A Best 2008 Ever! November

As our calendarial look-o-back rushes to catch up with the present day, we leap on it like angry wrestlers and pin it to November. "Tell us your November-based secrets!" we cry, as it fights to get free and hurtle into December. But we are strong, and soon it relents. Resigned to this temporary fate it looks up at us and speaks slowly and carefully. "Okay…

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Now That’s Why I Love The Best 2008 Ever! January

Hello, welcome, and sit down. Beyond all reason, it's December, the time of year when our minds get all reflective, and we ponder the twelve months past. What made them great? Or interesting? Or at least weird? Why was 2008 the best 2008 for PC gaming on record? Join us this month as we get all Andrew Collings/Michael Ian Black (understandable references for at least…

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