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Now That’s Why I Love A Best 2008 Ever! February


Remember the 80s? They were great, weren’t they? And 1968 was amazing! But who can forget 1471? Man, the past was awesome. All the cool historical events happened back then. Join us now as we spin the Giant Wheel of Time and see which portion of history we’ll nostalgically reflect upon. Ticka-ticka-ticka-tick-tick-tick… tick. Ooh, February 2008!

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Now That’s Why I Love The Best 2008 Ever! January

Please don't sue us, Viacom.

Hello, welcome, and sit down. Beyond all reason, it’s December, the time of year when our minds get all reflective, and we ponder the twelve months past. What made them great? Or interesting? Or at least weird? Why was 2008 the best 2008 for PC gaming on record? Join us this month as we get all Andrew Collings/Michael Ian Black (understandable references for at least two reading continents there) over the year gone by.

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