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The Games Of Christmas: December 17th

Games cannot die, they can only find themselves transitioned to the plane of abandonware, from which they haunt the internet and the wider world beyond. Some games, however, rise again and become undead, and can even tear through the thing membrane of reality that we call the seasonally festive advent-o-calendar then attack us from the other side. But what game could be capable of such…

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The Games Of Christmas: December 11th

You there! Did you design your own face? No? Well that's a shame. Perhaps you might want to look at fixing that, at least in the land of videogames. And that's precisely what you can do in the game that lies beyond today's portal, in our seasonally festive advent-o-calendar, in the land at the end of the fingertips of the one true leader of the…

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The Games Of Christmas: December 8th

This door of the glorious RPS Advent-o-Calendar is proving tricky to open. We've tried prying it with our fingers, sticking a kitchen knife in the gap and levering it, and telekinesis. But none of it's working. It looks like the only option left is to smash it with a giant hammer. Use the guiding hand of the one true leader of the Autobots to aim…

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The Games Of Christmas: December 6th

A sudden gloom strikes the shiny doors of our incredible seasonal advent calendar... What are these signs of trouble on the horizon? Could be a journey into madness? We fear for what might lay ahead. What terrible secrets lie behind the fourth door of Christmas? Fear not, take heart, and trust in the hand of the one true leader of the Autobots as we discover…

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The Games Of Christmas: December 4th

Friday, and the end of our first week of door-opening. More of the best is yet to come, of course, including today's offering, which we count as one of the most fascinating accomplishments of 2009. But what could it be? Only a journey through the electronic portal of our incredible seasonal advent calendar will tell you. Follow the hand of the one true leader of…

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The Games Of Christmas: December 3rd

Three days of advent calendarism leave us feeling like it's time for a change of pace. Could that change lie behind the third door of our incredible seasonal advent calendar? All signs points point to yes, so ready your mouse, and prepare the click-drag selection-box of victory as we ride upon the hand of the one true leader of the Autobots, to discover…

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The Games Of Christmas: December 2nd

As surely as the snow falls on any day but Christmas day, so the second day in December plays host to the second game on our incredible seasonal advent calendar. It also plays host to a feeling that we've forgotten something. Presents? Decorations? Is it the nagging feeling engendered by too many years under the heel of heavy consumerism? We can't tell, so run, run!…

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The RPS OMG Advent Game-O-Calendar 2009

It's only three and a half minutes until Christmas! Quick! Buy socks and walnuts! Quickly, or all shall be ruined! Those of you who have already adequately prepared may stay here, and enjoy our exclusive advent calendar, counting down the scant time until Non-Denominational Festive Holiday Day (on which we celebrate the infinity of Horace The Endless Bear) with a clutch of chipper writings about…

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