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Motley: Prepare To Accrue The Crew This Fall

Look for HIGH-OCTANE ACTION PARKING with friends on a FRIDAY NIGHT in a place where you DON'T REALLY KNOW YOUR WAY AROUND and you're sort of afraid that YOUR SWEET RIDE MIGHT GET BROKEN INTO if you leave it near all those WEIRD WAREHOUSES.

I’m sure Ubisoft’s enticingly open racer The Crew will provide oodles of entertainment if I can just make it past the title screen without face-planting into my steering wheel due to paralytic title-born boredom coma. The Crew sounds like the most generic thing in the world, and in some ways it looks the part too. The promise of having the entirety of the (truncated) United States open for traversal, however, is simply too tempting to resist. I am conflicted but hopeful. It’ll be out this fall, and there’s a new trailer below.

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