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Feature: Get your five-a-day here

Call Of Fruity: Aubergine Warfare

This morning I have been documenting a fruit and vegetable market in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. I think I was supposed to be rescuing a president or something but the shiny fruit looked more interesting. I don't mean that as a sick burn or anything. I just got distracted by some nice fruit.

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Feature: Brilliant bits from the Supporter program

The Brilliant Bounty Of The Supporter Program

Every weekday one of the denizens of RPS Towers scuttles into a corner and deposits a unique Supporter post, ripe for reading, into a wicker basket. At first we put these online behind the RPS Supporter Program curtain but eventually they fly the nest, heading off into the wider world and gathering curious readers as they do. In case they passed you by we've scooped…

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Feature: Art all over

The Pipwick Papers

There's no Sunday Papers this week as RPS continues to sleep off its Christmas dinner, so here's a Pipwick Papers from the Supporter program archives. Last week I finally took a holiday and it was glorious. I went to see a bunch of cool art exhibitions and projects as well as finally catching up on some sleep. This edition of the Pipwick Papers is going…

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Merry Horacemas Readers: We Love You!

Ho flipping ho, readers, it's CHRISTMAS! Team RPS are currently all frantically tearing the hides off their bucket of gifts from Horace, preparing themselves for the Great Slaughter. We hope you're enjoying the holidays in whatever godforsaken way you celebrate them, whether it's a traditional British burning of a scallywag, a big ol' American family game of Slops, or Lithuanian laser fights. Perhaps there are…

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Feature: Just claws

Japanese Spider Crabs Why Not

When I go to esports events I spend a lot of time in arenas and darkened studios focusing on screens and on digital worlds. Matches run long, interviews and transcriptions pepper the day and free time ends up being extra writing time. I want to attend the tournaments, don't get me wrong, but sometimes you get home and realise you saw nothing of an entire…

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Feature: A gorgeous selection box

Oodles Of Supporter Post Loveliness For EVERYONE!

In the backroom of RPS Towers we have a little corner. Each workday a different member of the team potters around in the corner, crafting a lovely Supporter post for members of the RPS Supporter Program. Some of those posts eventually make it out from behind the Supporter veil and into the wider world where everyone can read them. In case they passed you by…

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The Pipwick Papers

[This edition was first published on 3 November, 2015] I spent a month focusing almost entirely on keeping up with League of Legends for their World Championship, now it's over and I'm doing that thing where you try and remember what life was like before a big project. Mostly emails, it seems. While I regroup I've been reading up on taxidermy, Reddit Star Wars theorising…

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Feature: In my defence...

ASA Rulings: Robot Dogs, Sugar Puffs And Time Team

The Advertising Standards Agency publishes rulings every Wednesday on everything from psychic hotlines to videogames. I'm incredibly fond of their rulings. I think it's mostly because of the language the companies use to defend themselves, breaking videogame concepts down and presenting them in what's intended to be a neutral manner. The upheld complaints are generally less entertaining for obvious reasons – the concerns have been,…

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Feature: A year on the island

A Microholiday Album From Proteus

I was going to write about the plantlife in Proteus [official site] or something along those lines but then I went back and... it didn't feel like quite what I wanted to express today. Mostly I've gone back to just thinking about how lovely the game is, even when you strip out the movement and sound. Obviously it would be better with both but here…

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Feature: Happy days

Unconventional Conventionalists: The Joy Of Gamescom

Note: this feature was written late last week, before Gamescom kicked off. When I talk to fellow writers about the experience of Gamescom, they're more likely to use the verb 'survive' than 'enjoy'. While not considered as intimidating as E3, a show so large and unruly that Los Angeles is actually contained within its halls, Gamescom can be a difficult place to get work done…

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