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Feature: It's in the last place you look

Why I Love Hidden Object Adventures

Until my mid 20s I loved doing jigsaw puzzles. It was an act which baffled my sister. She would wander into the living room at Christmas to find me sifting through pieces, sorting them into piles, as Midsomer Murders played on the telly. "It's a con!" she would yell, hoping to make me see the light. "They took a nice picture, ruined it by chopping…

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Feature: Makeover

GTA V: Not Quite Dressed To Kill

You know how we're banging on about Grand Theft Auto V and Online this month? There's an aspect of the game which is really bugging me at the moment and I'm interested to know if anyone else feels the same. It's not unique to GTA, though. That just happens to be where I've been annoyed about it most recently.

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Feature: GIF all day

The Gifs That Keep On Giffing

Every now and again I go to browse the 'Gifs of games being worked on' thread in the TIGSource forums (The Independent Gaming Source community forum). I probably shouldn't admit this but I'm not really there to scout out games. Sure, something cool might stand out and I'll investigate further but the real pleasure is the pretty or interesting or characterful gifs. Perhaps I'll find…

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SUPERHOT: A Chat With Alice And Pip

Alice and Pip are talking about Superhot. It's one of Pip's most anticipated games of the year and Alice is pretty amped about anything which makes her look even more cool as she roams the land taking dudes down... Pip: ALICE Alice: Oh no. Pip: What do you mean "Oh no." You don't even know what I'm going to say yet. I could be about…

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