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RPS Asks: Do You Build Your Own PC?

Questions, questions, always questions. This week we want to know about your PC-building habits. Don't build PCs? Tell us! Just use a laptop? We need to know. There are few questions below, so please do us a favour and fill them in. It'll take mere seconds, and you'll probably be reward in PC gaming heaven. Probably.

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RPS Asks: Multiplayer gaming – How Much?

Good morning, internet. We have a question for you: are you playing a multiplayer videogame on a regular basis? Whether it's a racing game, an MMO, an FPS, or even head-to-head Tetris, we want to know. How many multiplayer games are you playing? How much time are you putting in? Please fill in the poll below and then let us know what it is you…

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Another Survey: Your PC

In an effort to find out a bit more about our vast, seething readership we're running a series of informal polls in the comments, like the one about games. This one is about your PC. What do you play on? Is it a clockwork steam-powered Pentium from the last century? Is it a mercury-cooled hyper-computer from 2009? Is it a ponce-sculpted Macintosh? Do you have…

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The Past Three Months

Okay, I'm going to be open with you and say that this post is a little bit about information gathering, rather than simply being a fun exercise. Nevertheless it would be interesting and useful if you guys would tell me what games you've played for more than a couple of hours in the last three months. Don't bother including mini-games, free indie stuff that we've…

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