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The RPS Talk-o-Tron Talkback-o-Tron: July

Isn't it amazing how I've managed to do one of these roundups of splendid threads on our forum every month on the dot, without fail? Here's April's if you missed it, and now here I am again with May's, just like clockwork. I'm incredible, I really am. - A refreshing change from the now-traditional, cyclic bitching about Left 4 Dead 2 - fun'n'thoughtful plans and…

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RPS Talk-o-Tron Talkback-o-Tron #2

I know I said we'd do these forum round-up posts weekly, but a) I'm lazy b) I'm really lazy and more importantly c) the forum isn't yet the runaway success we'd hoped for. Chatter more, damn you. Nonetheless, there's a respectable chunk of interesting/silly talk going on. Here's a few that have caught the RPS all-seeing eye lately: Objective, sober discussion aplenty over in the…

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RPS Talk-o-Tron Talkback-o-Tron: 21/10/08

Yes, we know you have but one eye, which you understandably wish to keep forever trained on our front page in case we post a new story, or someone starts shouting about how publishers bribed us with free liposuction and toffee apples to give their game a high score. However, it's well worth occasionally diverting that staring eye to the RPS Talk-o-Tron 3000, our shiny-new…

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Presenting The RPS Talk-O-Tron 3000

Good gentlefolk, I bring glad tidings. We have made a unexpected breakthrough! Thanks to science and witchcraft, Rock, Paper, Shotgun now offers for your pleasure a 'forum' upon which men from the 'internet' may 'talk' to one another. We call it the Talk-o-Tron 3000, in tribute to the 2,999 unicorns that perished during its torturous creation. And to the one that yet lives, though I…

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