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Runes Of Avalon 2 Demo

I love the incongruity of this modern crop of puzzle games with fantasy stories. Somehow the glorious Puzzle Quest gets away with it, but all the rest just seem enormously silly. And none moreso than Runes of Avalon 2 (I know, a sequel already!).

Quickly, match the tiles on the grid before the pretty lady destroys the lands!

“Your strength gives me courage!” declares the floaty-voiced lady betwixt levels of the tile-matching game. Really? Because I only remember clicking the coloured tiles on the grid so they matched up in rows of three, but seriously, if that’s enough, I’m totally your man. I mean, really, I reckon I could even do a tile-swapping picture puzzle if that would save the kingdom or something… Oh, you have tile-swapping picture puzzles? Ah, well see, there’s a lot of kingdoms that need saving around this time of year, and well, ok then, thanks, bye.

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