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Indie Royale 3: Eufloria, Cthulhu, Runespell

Too many indie sales! THERE ARE TOO MANY INDIE SALES. Some of us poor PC journalists need to have dinner you know, but noooooo, here comes another announcement about bargain-priced electronic entertainments of most excellent quality. Back to the internet with you, Meer! This time around, the good tidings of money-saving are the third Indie Royale collection, aka The Really Big Bundle, and it's a…

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First Impressions Of Runespell: Overture

Do you enjoy clicking on things? Here's a puzzle RPG where you battle not with sword-stabbing or gun-shooting, but instead by card-playing. If you imagine something along the lines of Puzzle Quest, but with a poker/solitaire derived battle system instead of Bejewelled, then you'd have a rough idea of what to expect. But the devil is always in the detail, so please join me and…

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