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Savage 2: A Tortured Soul released

When I am a mage, I shall wear purple.

Catching up over the last few days of PC news – I’ve been deep in IGF nominees and Sins of a Solar Empire – I noticed that Savage 2’s been released. The full game’s just short of thirty dollars, but you get a full five hour trial to evaluate whether this brand of team-based strategy/action hybrid-thing if you can find the bandwidth to download the about-42-Peggles client. I admit, I haven’t played either it or the original, but it’s always seemed at least interesting in terms of having separate class-based teams and high-level RTS commanders. Our old mate Tom Bramwell over at Eurogamer liked the original it anyway, and he’s not always drunk at the keyboard.

Is anyone playing it? Is anyone tempted TO PLAY IT? Will anyone click the link to see the new TRAILER and associated time-line of highlights with added mild snark and jokes at Walker’s expense?
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