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Frequency Domain Is Your Brain On Synesthesia

Music is the epitome of sonic pleasure, so naturally, we’ve spent eons trying to see it becauseĀ we will never be satisfied. Games are no stranger to that pursuit. The likes of Audiosurf, Symphony, and their ilk have interpreted music through the lens of various genres, but Frequency Domain might be the most direct attempt I’ve seen. The goal? To turnĀ every aspect – each pulsing beat, humming strum, and snaking synth – into boundless neon volcano dance floors of rolling color. You speed along – a blur, a performer, an emotion – ramping off jutting spikes of sound and then cannon-ball colliding into the senses-engulfing tidal wave of music below. Sound dips in and out, other melodies soar about like dragonflies. Is Frequency Domain a “game” in the traditional sense? I don’t care. It gave me goosebumps, and you should absolutely try the free, four-song demo.

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