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Feature: Point, Click, Agree

The 25 best adventure games ever made

You know that there are adventure games, and you know that some of those adventure games are better than others. But do you know which one is best, and which one is twenty-fifth best? Well, at last you can find out, with our definitive, unimpeachable breakdown of adventure gaming's best moments.

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Feature: Celebrating Setting

Raised By Screens, Chapter 12: Sam & Max Hit The Road

Note - this series has primarily been for RPS Supporter Program members-only, which is why you probably can't find most of the rest of 'em, but I unlock the occasional chapter for everyone (along with many of our other initially subs-only features).Raised By Screens is probably the closest I’ll ever get to a memoir – glancing back at the games I played as a child…

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Sam & Max & X-Wing & TIE Fighter: GOG Get LucasArts

GOG weren't the first joint in cyberspace slinging vintage video games, but they did get publishers digging a lot deeper into their archives (Good Old Games, they called themselves back in the day). Most publishers came to realise that hey, maybe it's good for everyone if folks can buy our old games, but some were tangled in knots or lost in mysteries for yonks. It…

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Preview: Sam & Max Hit The Road

The question everyone's asking: can LucasArts possibly have two adventure hits on their hands this year? With Day Of The Tentacle due in only two months, Sam & Max Hit The Road is set to appear as soon as November. There are questions to ask. Is the development team spreading itself too thin with multiple titles? Will they be able to match the same standards…

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I Knew He Wasn’t A Real Doctor

During a bout of iPhone willy-waving down the pub recently, someone observed that there are two things that always get released for any piece of hardware that's hacked to run homebrew code, and everyone duly installs them. Then doesn't do anything with them except show them off to people in the pub. The first is Quake. It used to be Doom, but in the 3D…

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