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WoW Loses Movie Director, Turns Players Into Mounts

Sadly, I am not a Batman character - though I can see how you might make that mistake.

These are, I must regrettably inform you, two stories related to World of Warcraft – not two stories related to one another. I apologize for dashing your dreams of Blizzard angrily stirring from its mountain lair and – blind with rage over losing Spider-Man and Evil Dead director Sam Raimi – hurling a spell bolt from on high that immediately transforms its playerbase into horses. Instead, I decided to collect today’s big WoW news in one place – mostly for convenience’s sake but also slightly to mislead you with a headline. I apologize for this most grievous of sins, but gosh, it was so, so worth it.

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Warcraft Movie Going Ahead, Raimi To Direct

Sam Raimi is to make a Warcraft movie. So, everyone probably has an opinion on that. The maker of two good Spider-Man films and one astonishingly awful one, along with some of the greatest cult horrors of all time, he’s obviously someone who can do both BIG and NICHE, which would seem appropriate for the license. If indeed it’s an appropriate license. You can read all the details of who’s producing what over on

But rather than an explosion of hate over a) there being a WoW movie, b) people complaining there’s going to be a Warcraft movie, and c) my saying Spider-Man 2 was good which it was, let’s instead put that energy to good. Which is the game that you really believe should be made into a movie, who should make it, and who should star in it?