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Blue Woman Group: ME2 Reveals Samara

Once again I rebelliously don't illustrate the story with a pic of the character. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME PLAY BY YOUR RULES.

Oh, tish and fipsy, my prediction for an unannounced new companion for Mass Effect 2 isn’t today’s. I’m telling you, one of the companions – and now I reckon it will be the last one revealed – is going to be a Geth called Legion. I base this purely on my own vivid imagination, rather than scurrilous industry rumouring. Oh, and all the images from the game’s official gallery – a game in which the Geth are supposed to only play a minor role. But today we get to meet super-biotic Asari, Samara. Which is frankly going to get confusing, as my Shepard is called Samantha.

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