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Return To Slender: Sanatorium

Not pictured: a place you would ever go under any circumstance for any sensible reason. Ever.

Remember Slender? You know, that thing you probably played in broad daylight, but it still made your skin prickle as though being assailed by the spindly legs of a thousand shaggy spiders? Of course you do. It only came out last month, silly. Also, if you’re anything like me, you probably won’t forget it until you draw your last breath, because oh god please just leave me alone, how do you keep appearing in the corner of my eye, couldn’t you be something friendlier like an army of one thousand arm-obsessed spiders? So now along comes Sanatorium, the first in a series that describes itself as “not intended to be a copy – simply a way for people who loved Slender to be able to face their fear on a different map with the same awesome gameplay. There are some differences which will make playing a somewhat unique experience – different AI, new sounds, and a different environment.” It’s also free, but – in spite of that non-existent price tag – I’m not entirely sold on this one.

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