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Free Game Ultrocatchup

The Rock, Paper, Shotgun inbox, monitored with terror and suspicion by all four us, has a tendency to fill up. Now, we’re very diligent about deleting anything that isn’t about getting a bigger willy or inheriting a South African fortune, but occasionally emails about videogames nonetheless manage to reach our eyes. It’s almost like people expect us to write about games on this games site. The cheek of it.

Unfortunately, being SeptOctNovember, it’s silly season for big game releases, which means we’re getting a mite behind on all manner of interesting indie and online fare. Huge apologies to those developers and sites who’ve sent us these that we are too weak to give each its own post, but let’s hope we can make some amends by grouping a few mini-treasures together below for your esteemed delectation.
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