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Sandstorm: A Game About How CERTAIN Camels Don’t Deserve To Have Parties

It started off so well

Downloaded pretty much entirely to see if it was a reference to Darude and then played entirely to try and one-up Alice, I have spent the best part of an hour on Sandstorm [official site].

The aim is to trek eastwards through a sandstorm to reach a mountain. A simple pilgrimage, then, powered by a cart and a camel. Except your orientation keeps shifting, your footprints get blown away, the landscape has only a smattering of detail, your camel is a total jerk and wanders off given half a chance and there is sand EVERYWHERE.

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Trinkets And Camels: Lost In The Desert With Sandstorm

You can tell your Bactrian camel from your dromedary by checking the hump: Bactrians have two, like a sideways B, while dromedaries have one, like a D.

I have not completed Sandstorm [official site] yet. I don’t think I’ve completed its first level. I don’t even know if it has levels. The game sends players on a pilgrimage through a seemingly endless sandstorm with a cart of supplies and a camel that keeps wandering off, leaving us lost as the world swirls around us. I’ve enjoyed the confusion. It’s out now for $3 (£2) if you fancy a punt.

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