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Feature: David Bowie, Marvel metafiction, medical soaps and anime

The Saturday Supplement

Hello! I hope you're having a merry weekend. I'd planned to spend my Saturday out and about but a week of wounds and wandering caught up with me, and now I'm contenting myself with a day of cookery shows and occasional naps. Below, you'll find the fruits of our weekly entertainment regime, outside the world of games. It's been a melancholy week for lovers of…

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Feature: Or don't know anything about anime.

The Best Anime For People Who Dislike Anime

Last week I wrote about Kino's Journey, one of the few animes I'd recommend to people who don't care about anime. The reason I think that's a useful statement is because I want to draw a distinction between "anime" as a medium of Japanese animation, and "anime" the collection of tropes, stock characters, and, well, bullshit that is generally associated with the form.If Kino's Journey…

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Feature: The Sentry, 2000

Modern Marvel Part 1: The Sentry

A journey through Modern Marvel, beginning in the period leading up to the Avengers Disassembled event and continuing until the heat death of the universe. Given the nature of comic books, the universe(s) may suffer multiple heat deaths. We'll go right up until the last one.It might make sense to begin my exposure to Marvel Comics with an origin story of some sort. Maybe find…

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Feature: Doctors in the house

Casualty and Holby City

I guess this is where I discover whether anyone who reads RPS also watches Casualty or Holby City. I'm toying with the idea of doing weekly (or weekly-ish depending on work trips) roundups of the two BBC soaps for this Saturday Supplement malarkey. I caught up on this week's Casualty and Holby City episodes over lunch breaks when I came back from Atlanta. I actually…

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Feature: Bowie's in space

Bowie Is The Bedrock

I feel the spirit of the 20th century just died. Or, at least, the part of it that was the Western world in recovery, able to breathe and discover itself now the darkest of times was behind it. Celebration and change and fragility all at once. The euphoric songs were always brittle too. The descents into darkness always wove in musical ascents out of it.

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Feature: Murder, cannibals, roadtrips and Supergirl

The Saturday Supplement

The Saturday Supplement made its debut right before the Christmas break. It should have returned from its holiday slumbers a couple of days ago but I managed to hospitalise myself (I'm limping but intact) so this week's supplement is a...Monday Mixtape? We've got Alec on Making a Murderer, John on Supergirl, Graham on anime and my thoughts on Western horror Bone Tomahawk.

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Feature: Sympathy for an alleged devil

The Necessary Bias Of Making A Murderer

This is part of our new Saturday Supplement feature, in which RPS' writers run some bonus, non-gaming articles on weekends. Apart from this week, when it happened on Monday instead due to Adam ending up in hospital.Contains spoilers for the entire series, though not in detail, and nothing that wasn't made public by news reports some years ago.One of the hardest things about Making A…

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Bone Tomahawk Is A Glorious, Gory Western Horror

Not yet released in the UK, I'm lucky enough to have seen Bone Tomahawk thanks to the kindness of a gift-giving friend over in the States. It's odd to see Kurt Russell looking for all the world as if he's reprising a role in a film that I only know through trailers and stills - that film is Hateful Eight, Tarantino's much-hyped and somewhat divisive…

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Feature: Visible Cities

Travelogue Kino’s Journey Isn’t Like Ordinary Anime

I love anime. Sorry, wait, I misspoke. I hate anime. Anime is Japanese animated television about jerks with hearts of gold saving the world, tripping into the breasts of their unfathomably tolerant and smitten (and/or meaninglessly violent) female friends, and in which the same six characters - barely even archetypes, just characters - appear in every single show, whether it's set in a medieval fantasy…

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Feature: Kryptonite

Why Is Supergirl (CBS, Sky 1) So Terrible?

When the trailer for Supergirl first appeared, Twitter got itself into quite the frenzy. It looked really bloody awful, but oh my goodness, people weren’t allowed to say so. The Twitter Police were out in force to decry any who dared question. And you could sort of see why – there are so few TV programmes with female leads that aren’t romcoms, and aside from…

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Feature: Star Wars, Marvel, Sense8 and selkies

The Saturday Supplement

Here at RPS, we play a lot of games. You might think that's all we do, given how much time we spend writing about the latest and greatest PC playthings. That's not the case. When we're not playing games or thinking about games, we're often indulging ourselves with the latest and greatest books, films, TV shows, comics and music. Sometimes we even go to the…

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Feature: A new hope?

RPS Verdict: Star Wars Episode VII – The Force Awakens

Adam, Alec and Pip all went to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens this week, as did many other people around the world. Yesterday, they discussed their feelings and thoughts about the film in the company of a transcription droid, which produced the following report. Plot spoilers are clearly tagged and hidden, but there are discussions of structure and character throughout so turn back now…

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Feature: Kindness is sexy

Sense8 Versus The Matrix

Sense8 starts badly. It's a show about eight people with a telepathic link that allows them to share each other's skills, language, and pansexual orgies. Those eight people each live in a different country, but their link means they are frequently thrust together - sometimes literally, re: orgies - across time and space to share the same moments.

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