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Keep Your Mass Effect 3 Saves. BUT WHY?


BioWare may have mentioned once or twice that Mass Effect 3 is the closing of the trilogy. Now, obviously you’d have to be more naive than a tiny puppy to believe they’d not make any more games in the enormously popular universe, but it did feel reasonably safe to say this would be the last outing for Shepard. But perhaps not, after BioWare’s Mike Gamble told GamerZine that we should hang onto our save games. What does it meeeeeeeeaaaaaaan? We’ve speculated, and have some insights you will not read anywhere else.

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START IT: The Place To Put Save Games

Tally ho!

Yesterday I let out a clarion call to all developers and publishers to STOP IT when it came to confetti-scattering save games around our computers, and to keep them all in one sensible place. What I didn’t add, it’s been pointed out to me by a few developers since, was what that sensible place is. So I’ve picked one.

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STOP IT: Put Save Games In ONE Place

This is contrusctive.

I’ve mentioned this flippantly before, in The Rules, but really I’m beyond exasperated now. I demand – DEMAND I say – a single location for savegames to be agreed upon by all who make games, with a punishment of grisly, brutal death for any who fails to follow it. Below I’ve listed the locations for savegames for a bunch of the games I currently have installed.

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