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The Long, Sad Road of Scourge: Outbreak

This Glaswegian's one weird trick...

Not much in games makes me unhappy, but the story of co-op blow-em-up Scourge: Outbreak is an odd, slightly worrying one. It started life as The Scourge Project, a now hastily carpet-shoved episodic third person shooter that hit Steam in early 2010 to basically zero fanfare or reaction. That slippery Quinns gave some rather brutal quickfire thoughts back then¬†and everybody moved on with their lives. The developers, in fact, moved on to putting it on console – which they describe rather well here, as well as admitting the failures of the first game. The next step? Take the console version (which reviewed poorly), which was stripped down to fit space requirements, and re-re-port it to PC. Still with me? Now we’re here, with a trailer and a demo, which you can read my thoughts on below.

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