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Scout Update Day 6: Going Live

Baseball pre-season begins. And the Scout Update goes live. After the vote to see in which order the unlocks should be added, the order is announced. It's Force-A-Nature first, then The Sandman, then finally the Bonk Energy Drink. You can read all the details of all the updates with this handy link. Valve have also announced 50% off the price of TF2 until Friday (and…

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Scout Update Day 5: The Force-A-Nature

As spoilerised last week, the last Scout weapon upgrade has been officially announced by Valve, the Force-A-Nature. "Anything this baby hits better PACK A LUNCH, 'cause it's going for a ride!" It's a double-barrelled shotgun with a kickback so powerful it can rocket-jump. It seems that if you're in the air when you fire this monstrous shotgun, the recoil will propel you upward. Bouncy Scouts…

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Home Frickin’ Run: New TF2 Scout Details Revealed

Trumpet sounds: Valve have begun their now traditional countdown to the next Team Fortress 2 update, this time, as expected, for the Scout. This means there's a new website up, and there will be new details about the additional features added every day. The final reveal will be next Tuesday, the 24th. And the first reveal? The Sandman. And it's a doozy.

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