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Posts tagged “screwy lightbulb”

Melan-Comic: Maker’s Eden Demo

Confirmation of my belief that several weeks of 2013 simply didn't exist, I realised this morning that I haven't mentioned the comic book stylings and bleak futurism of Maker's Eden since July. Now, I know what you're thinking. July only ended a few days ago but shift your cursor to the bottom of the screen and observe the calendar's face. October is upon us, or…

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Steely Skies: The Maker’s Eden Demo

This morning I woke up in a bed that does not know me, reached for a familiar nightstand only to flinch as my fingers curled around the cold metal of a lighting fixture. It was a lot like the philosomnulent beginning of that one story by Proust. A couple of hours later, I found myself waking in another strange and unexpected environment - a pod…

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