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Melan-Comic: Maker’s Eden Demo

Confirmation of my belief that several weeks of 2013 simply didn’t exist, I realised this morning that I haven’t mentioned the comic book stylings and bleak futurism of Maker’s Eden since July. Now, I know what you’re thinking. July only ended a few days ago but shift your cursor to the bottom of the screen and observe the calendar’s face. October is upon us, or at least that’s what we’re supposed to believe. Personally, I think chunks of time are being extracted from the normal flow and stored for later use. There’s a shortage of existence approaching and the fat cats are stealing the days of our lives to add to stretch out their own. With what little time is remaining, perhaps you’ll choose to (re)visit the Maker’s Eden demo, which has been updated. Preorders for the first act are now open.

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Steely Skies: The Maker’s Eden Demo

This morning I woke up in a bed that does not know me, reached for a familiar nightstand only to flinch as my fingers curled around the cold metal of a lighting fixture. It was a lot like the philosomnulent beginning of that one story by Proust. A couple of hours later, I found myself waking in another strange and unexpected environment – a pod inside a ruined building, which was also inside The Maker’s Eden, a handsome sci-fi point and click adventure that is seeking funds on Indiegogo. It’s a flexible funding campaign, which disqualifies it from Katchup consideration, but the first act will be completed even if the devs fail to reach their goal. And there’s a fine sense of bleak mystery in this short introductory demo.

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