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The RPG Scrollbars: Before Fallout 4, The Afternow

“I hope I’m getting through. This is Independent Librarian Dynamic Sean Kennedy VI. This is Episode 732.653.663.398.36.1. This is a pirate radio broadcast in the Queen’s English from sometime after now. So light your candles, and may Server protect us all. What do you say to ghosts who died before you were born?”

Long before beloved podcasts like Welcome To Night Vale – before the word ‘podcasting’ was invented, in fact – a strange broadcast found its way onto the web. Tales From The Afternow is the history of a future that can’t be allowed to happen; one man screaming into the darkness, and sending that scream back to a time when there was still the chance to change things for the better. This was 2002, and… well, let’s just hope that creator Sean Kennedy’s descendant enjoys something about the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk wasteland, because he’s not getting out of there soon.

On the plus side, what better way to pass the time before Fallout 4?

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