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Check you’ve got the latest GeForce drivers plugging nasty security holes

Hey, you, the one who puts off installing driver updates because who really cares that much? Yes, you. If you've got an Nvidia graphics card, now would be a good time to suck it up and wait those three minutes. Nvidia have warned that their older drivers contain several security flaws which could add up to a real bad time for you. If you have…

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Epic fix security hole able to get into accounts from clicking a link

A now-fixed security hole in the account system of Fortnite devs Epic Games could let scoundrels log in as other folks and even buy things, just by getting them to click on a dodgy link. Unlike many phishing schemes, this worked by hijacking the user's authentication token - not even needing to trick them into entering their username and password. Epic say they've now fixed…

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Massive Steam security hole closed a decade late

For most of the past decade, it has theoretically been possible to hijack someone's PC via Steam, according to IT security consultant firm Context Information Security. Don't panic or go setting your PC on fire, though - as far as anyone is aware, no machines were hacked through this method. While no known harm from using the exploit exists, it's a solid reminder as to…

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Feeling Vulnerable? Steam’s Protocol Could Allow Attacks

Is Steam killing your children?, I was tempted to title this article. We're not sensational enough here. But it does seem that Steam offers some serious vulnerabilities to your PC, if a paper published by security research company ReVuln is accurate. As reported by PCWorld, it seems the steam:// protocol might be a way in for nefarious types.

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WoW Screenshots Allegedly Include Acct Names, IP Info

Well, this is more than a little upsetting. A picture, our forefathers (or someone's forefathers, anyway) said, is worth a thousand words, but I'm willing to bet they'd have upped that wager a little if their pictures contained bits of decryptable info that revealed very sensitive personal information. Reports coming out of the world of World of Warcraft, however, suggest just that, and - given…

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