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Particle-u-lary Interesting: Particulars on Greenlight

not sperm
Sometimes I like to lie awake at night and imagine all my little atoms in my little atom body came from other, much cooler things than me. For example, I like to imagine that somewhere in me there is an atom that once belonged to Grace Darling, an English lighthouse keeper’s daughter who spotted the wreck and survivors of the Forfarshire in 1838, and determined it was too stormy out in the chop for a lifeboat. So she rowed out in a rowing boat with her father at great risk to herself and brought in survivors. Grace died a few short years later at the super-young age of 26 from tuberculosis, but what a woman. What a person. I like to think that one of her atoms is recycled in me.

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Today’s Anti-Game Rotters Are Paymate

Teenagers: crazy for triangles

As the poor chaps behind moody triangle-noir game Flatland: Fallen Angle observe, getting dicked over by an online payment firm seems to be something of a rite of passage for indie games these days. Still, perhaps finding yourself mentioned in the same breath as Minecraft, Project Zomboid and Xenonauts makes up for it to some degree. Flatland devs SeeThrough Studios had a day in the sun yesterday due to a fair bit of coverage across the web (including from some miserable Limey buggers who run a PC gaming site), and then a night in the cold darkness when their chosen online purchase service, Paymate, decided to cancel and refund all existing purchases of their $1 ‘Appreciation Edition.’ Which is even worse than the usual story of the goons at Paypal deciding to lockdown indies’ earnings for months.

Why did Paymate do this? Because it’s a game.
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A Game With A Point – Flatland: Fallen Angle

Pythagoras' Bastion

I have no idea if triangular noir-adventure Flatland: Fallen Angle was specifically inspired by 2011’s meme-tastic Bastion, but I do suspect we’re likely to see quite a few games that borrow its narrate-as-you-play mechanic over the next year or so. Flatland has that, albeit with a narrator who doesn’t exactly offer the same gravitas as Bastion’s Ruck, but it also has a guilt-wracked triangle on the run through a top-down, two-dimensional city, pursued by similarly pointy guards and in search of dark justice.

I tip every hat I have ever owned and ever will own to its title pun, too.
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