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Jump, Flip And Shoot Without Aiming In Seraph, Out Now

Seraph [official site] is described as an acrobatic shooter “without aiming”, which means you can jump, double-jump, wall-jump and otherwise focus on movement while pressing the shoot button causes your bullets to always hit one of the enemies skittering nearby. This is good, because I am bad at aiming in games even while standing perfectly still. There are other neat ideas in the game I like as well, though – including dynamic difficulty. It’s just left early access and is out now.

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Seraph Is A Platformer That Does The Shooting For You

As a rule, I’ve always focused on acrobatics over aiming. It’s why I’ve somersaulted into quite so many lampposts. Applying my philosophy to gaming, yet another Guildford based team (when I grew up there it was just Colgate and Bullfrog) Dreadbit (Ironcast) have announced Seraph [official site] – a game in which the aiming is done for you, so you can focus on your angelic flips and spins.

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