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Choo Choo! All Aboard The Train For Free Spooky Horror

Choo choo.

Posting about interesting-looking Russian bleak ’em up 35MM this week, I was curious to see what creator Sergey Noskov’s other games were like. Having now played The Train, I’m surprised such a pretty free horror game passed me by when he released it a year ago. It’s a nightmarish journey telling a story of a life through little vignettes and light puzzle-solving, with a cracking mood. Discovering the right mouse button is dedicated to closing your eyes filled me with dire foreboding.

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Bleak Russian Wandering With A Camera In 35MM

Right, so... how do I take a selfie with this?

Oh, I’m so glad to hear of a bleak game set in a bleak post-apocalyptic world which isn’t a survival game and isn’t about simply murdering everything. 35MM sees two friends journeying through an eerie land deserted following an epidemic. A new trailer from Russian creator Sergey Noskov looks eerie and introspective and unsettling and yes, this is a game I would like to play. I’ll need to wait until the middle of this year to get my mitts on it, sadly.

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