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After Murder Park: Serial Killer Rogue Faked

Yes, I was right to be suspicious. The previously reported Serial Killer Rogue-like was a total fake. It was initially apparently claimed to be some manner of university project but very rapidly reduced down to a plain shoulder-shrug and admission of trolling. Why did he do it?

Because I can? Do trolls need legitimate reasons to do what they do? It was fun and I was bored. I didn’t use an existing game as a template and I made the videos using flash. Didn’t take that long, maybe an hour for the first game play footage. Much less for the other one. The response was extremely positive though. Didn’t expect that. I figured I’d run with it anyway, throwing out possible game play elements. Why not?

Of course, pinch of salt. You can trust his words about as far as you can trust a serial killer’s. One thing’s for sure, I fear. Expect to see someone to do it.

Qu’est-ce Que C’est: Serial Killer Roguelike

I am actually a % tag and I am wearing the skin of a @

A lot of people have mailed us about this, mainly after GSW posted about it, thinking that it’s our sort of thing. I could be hurt, if I still had any human emotions left. Anyway, it’s a serial killer rogue game. As in, you play a serial killer and cut people up. It’s the logical philosophical extension of Dwarf Fortress’ devotion to individually modelling body parts, I suppose. I’ve been holding off on posting about it, as I assumed I’d be able to look at its alpha but… well, now I’ve gone and actually looked, nothing’s been released yet. This both surprises me (rogues seem to release early and often) and sets off alarm bells, as Rogue-like footage isn’t exactly tricky to fake. With that proviso, you’ll find some more details and the videos showing off interaction and character creation below…

EDIT: Yes, fake.
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