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Why So Serious?

Time for a quick glance over the fence to that rather more sober other world of gaming, where the only way you’re going to get to shoot an alien in the face is if there’s an actual alien invasion and someone makes a training simulator for the Earth defence force.

The Serious Games Showcase & Challenge has announced its 2008 winners. I have no idea if the Serious Games Showcase & Challenge is a big fish amongst serious games or not, but its fairly big-name sponsors suggests it’s not some dog and pony show. While it’s a long, po-faced way away from the cheery craziness of, say, IGF, it’s a fascinating glimpse into how games are ever-growing as a vital part of modern life beyond the simple hedonism and socialising we jackasses use ’em for.
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Serious Policy?

A “serious” game based on driving government policy. What what? The website goes some way to explaining what this free sim is all about:

The SeriousPolicy Game sets the player on a mission to win Treasury funding for a new policy. Players can get advice from Tony Blair, get on Alistair Darling’s nerves, or get congratulated by the PM. Along the way you wander through a virtual Members’ Lobby, pop into a simulated Treasury and are summoned to a stunningly realistic digital Number 10. A Paris Hilton look-alike provides some light relief and the MC has more than a passing resemblance to Keira Knightly.

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