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Lose Your Head: Serious Sam 3’s Kamikazes

A Serious Sam game without its screaming headless bombermen, the Kamikazes, would not be a Serious Sam game. Hence, it has now been indisputably proven that the upcoming Serious Sam 3: BFE is definitely a Serious Sam game. The bellowing explodey-blokes are back, but they’re… different.
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Seriously? One New Serious Sam 3 Screen

Here's hoping that helicopter's in the background rather than the foreground

As seems to be common practice in these cyber-times, Croteam have released a single new Serious Sam 3 screenshot. That’s it up there. Click for bigger, but be sure not to look at it all at once! Quick, look away! Now, look back! Away again! Back again! Away again! Back again! Away again! Back again! Away again! And finally back again*.

* Rock, Paper, Shotgun does not accept responsibility for any personal injuries or crushed household pets incurred during the screenshot elongation procedure.

For Serious: The Serious Sam Indie Series

Item, Use Bubblegum, 'You are all out of Bubblegum'

Some congratulations are in order! Indie developer Croteam’s Serious Sam series is, in a strictly metaphorical sense, pregnant, and about to give birth to three independently developed spin-off games. Croteam and Serious Sam publisher Devolver Digital today announced that they’ve given several smaller indie devs (including phenomenal Dutch pairing Vlambeer of Super Crate Box fame) the opportunity to make a game based on Serious Sam, and they’ll be released in the run up to Serious Sam 3: BFE. What have you got in store? WELL! Come take a look.
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Serious Sam 3: BFE Landing This Summer

Jawfully good to meet you! *bangbangbang*

Croteam said this was coming, and here it is. The plucky Crotian indie developers have announced Serious Sam 3: BFE is coming this Summer, and you’ll find all the screenshots plus the (really quite good) press release after the jump.

Turns out it’s a prequel, shares the Egyptian setting of Serious Sam: The First Encounter and will feature up to 16 player co-op. 16! That said, the press release still doesn’t explain what BFE actually stands for. Big F**king Enemies? Battlefield Earth? I like the commenter over at PC Gamer who suggests “Budget FPS Entry”. Words and pictures follow…
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Oh My God The First Serious Sam 3 Screen

Whoah! This just got... SERIOUS!

A headline perhaps better located at the top of Friday’s Thief 4 post, but whatever. Croteam have posted the first screenshot of Serious Sam 3 on their Facebook page, with more to come on Monday. My comprehensive and deranged analysis follows. WHAT could it MEAN?
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Getting Serious: Serious Sam HD

So, according to Eurogamer, Serious Sam HD, which is a blow-for-blow remake of the original sillier-than-thou shooter from Croteam in the Serious Sam 3 engine, will be coming to PC. Of course we’ve yet to see anything much of Serious Sam 3 itself, which Croteam reconfirmed they were working on a few weeks ago. One minor development is that new publisher on the block, Devolve Digital, which has been set up by the chaps behind defunct publishing outfits Gathering of Developers and GameCock, is somehow involved in the new Sam games. We’ll be hearing more about that very soon, I suspect.

Notorious Mental: Serious Sam 3 Still Going

Someone posting in a Duke Nukem thread recently asked “what are Croteam doing now?” Well the answer, according to a recent update on the studio’s website, is that they are still developing Serious Sam 3, and that we should expect a publishing deal soon. The other title they had been working on is not facing such a rosy future, however. Roman Ribaric reports: “Regarding military game we were working for some time, that development was halted some time ago by investors and publishers. We were doing a ‘work-for-hire’ development there, so after the game was put on hold, there was nothing more to do there and we moved back to our projects. Obviously, the above also means that our next title won’t be published by Gamecock, as contrary to last year’s published press release by Gamecock.” We’ll keep an eye on the Croteam site for further developments.