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League of Legends bins level cap, bigs up blue essence

League of Legends

A major upcoming League of Legends [official site] update should provide newcomers and low-level players with more useful goodies during their first steps in the game. That’s thanks to a new reward system, which scraps one form of in-game currency and instead hopes to provide players with unlocks appropriate to their level. That means levelling is also changing so the current level cap of 30 is vanishing to make way for the new approach.

Players have been waiting for the other shoe to drop regarding various progression and reward/loot system overhauls since the dev video which announced that runes (one of the customisation systems within the game) would be going free of charge and that the player honor system was being given a spring clean. It’s nice to get a more comprehensive overview of how this is all going to work. OBSERVE: Read the rest of this entry »