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Space Oddities: The RPS StarMade Server

Ship shape
If you log-in to the RPS StarMade server at a quiet hour, you’d think some terrible and mysterious incident had occurred. Ships are left floating alone and unloved, apparently abandoned and left to the ravages of space. It’s as if some vast, alien intellect had made itself known to the players and scared them off with threats of an intergalactic tickle fight. The truth is a lot more mundane. They probably left because it was dinner time, or bed-time, or maybe the server crashed? Whatever the reason, there is life at certain times on the server, and they have already made awesome things.
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StarMates: I Made An RPS StarMade Server

As an admin, I reserve the right to spawn a Tardis whenever I choose to.
You might have heard of StarMade. It is the latest of Minecraft tribute games, this time set in space. I spent the weekend tooling around with it, trying to find its secret sauce. I have to say I’m quite impressed: it’s not quite the blocky Elite I’d hoped, because there are no missions and Newton is looking at the space physics and crying. But it does have a sense of space adventure, which is something I’ve been longing for lately. I can just hop in a lumpy ship and fly off to poke around the universe without worrying about fuel, food, or even finding my way home. What’s out there? Pirates, planets, and plunder. The game’s currently free, and Multiplay has given RPS a 64-player server. Who wants to play?
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RPS Does Community Service

Not an actual photo of the RPS server.

Over the last year, one of the things we’ve noticed at RPS Orbital HQ is that we have some readers. At the last count, more than three. It seems that some of the loyal and most handsome of them have gathered their pocket change together to get themselves an unoffical semi-official official-but-not-quite RPS TF2 server. Oh yes.

As the RPS Steam Group broke the 1000 members mark the other day (1200 now), regulars in the chatroom lamented that in order to have a celebratory game of TF2, they had to invade the Penny Arcade server. Well no more. The Rock, Paper, Shotgun – Community Server for Servicing the Community is born.

The IP for those wanting to join in is (Ventrillo: But be aware, this belongs to the readers, not RPS, and we’re not in charge. FEAR THEIR WRATH. Huge thanks to Dartt, The Poisoned Sponge, Evo, DuBBle and everyone else involved. (Disgruntled missing names – contact me).

If you want to donate funds to the good people of RPSland to keep their server going, head here.