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Hungry Like The Wolf: Seventh Sense

I may have a bit of a twatish hat, but I'm going to off you and take your gold.

If you’re of a certain age, you’ll probably be aware of the Lone Wolf books. Basically, the best of the wave of D&D-derived choose-your-own-adventure books which emerged in the wake of Jackson/Livingstone’s Fighting Fantasy. In fact, for my money, the best of the genre. Dever and his collaborators gave Project Aon a licence for the books to be downloaded, so have been able to be played online for a while, in a manual text form. A Project-Aon-er has gone one better. Seventh Sense is a dedicated client (PC/Mac/Linux) for playing the Lone Wolf books, and is up to the first book of the Magnakai series. I may have lost you with the word “Magnakai”, so let’s press on. Why would you want to play them anyway? Allow me to hand over to a vintage piece of Gillen criticism to describe their merits…
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