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Shades Of Sanity Wants Your Mind

Shades Of Sanity is a forthcoming “psychological horror game”, which means that rather than being a straight up BOO, YOU’RE DEAD action horror game, you face creepy creepy environments and unreliable experiences of MADNESS. It’s a sort of Gone Home with serious derangement. The developers explain: “With only limited meds to cope Joe explores the house, learning that each previous resident is somehow connected to him, and each has met a horrible fate. Eventually his meds run out and you are left with primitive methods to cope with the strange and surreal visions, hoping that if you close your eyes or look away they’ll disappear. But even innocent scenes could be feeding a deeper delusion.” Yikes!

A new trailer shows off the early part of the game, below.
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Back To The Sanitarium: Shades Of Sanity

I have fond memories of Sanitarium, some of which may not be entirely deserved. The game came into my hands at a time when I associated point and click adventures with humour, so my troubled teenage mind was delighted to find such a game starring a man on a journey through his own fractured mind. He had bloody bandages wrapped around his face, screams were cut short as shadows ensnared one another and a man stood in a corner, thwocking his forehead against a wall and leaving a red bruise on the rusted metal. Happy times! It was the journey through different worlds – including twisted fantasy tropes and a sinisterly depleted rural town – that kept my interest. Shades of Sanity, a spiritual successor is seeking $200,000 of Kickstarter money.

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